FMQ 318 Seeing Is Dreaming

Seeing Is Dreaming

So as usual the 5 minute Quickie Podcast has gone just a little over the 5 minute and there’s a very good reason for that.

What’s that then Cloughie? I hear you say

I want you t feel how you want to feel and make that a habit – Sounds good eh?

You see, the subject matter was just too useful to us and really couldn’t be treated in less than 5 minutes and be of real quality. I can’t short change you and I won’t so gather up what you need to gather up and get ready to listen.

Whether you think this is Whoo Whoo La La or Science-based you’re right and it works. The thing is it is not magic, the results may seem magical and that’s the awesome thing about this.

You do have to put in the work though. It’s not hard work but takes a likkle oommph! And that I know you have if you really want to feel that way.

So buckle up and press play


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