#161 When Is Simple Too Simple Or Not

When Is Simple Too Simple Or Not

A deep dive in getting results

Here at the Personal Development Unplugged podcast heart, we follow such things as ‘In Simplicity There Is Genius’ and also another by Alby Einstien ‘Everything Should Be As Simple As It Can Be But Not Too Simple’.

So where to draw the line? Because we all see some so-called ‘experts’ or ‘gurus’ tend to make things really complicated to make themselves appear the ‘real deal’ or to hide the fact that they didn’t invent what they teach as being new – That really gets to me and here at the PDU podcast we de-construct all of those and the genuine article to make things simple to follow and get result. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean really easy because to get a result you will need to commit and take action with a committed effort, that’s if you really do want to succeed and not just know.

So come with me in the episode and dive into some examples when making things simpler just worked and also where adding to something that was too simple got great results.

I’m sure if you follow this line of thought you will see opportunities to make changes in your life, your behaviors and make a real difference.

Let me know if what I say makes sense and what you did so we can share our learnings with the whole of the PDU community. Send me a personal email to feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com

Shine brightly

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