#372 F#ck The Noise

F#ck The Noise

How can we be free from all the noise that distracts us from being who we really are and can be?

This is in effect Wakey Wakey #3 in an attempt to wake up from a dream, being sleep. Like my friend Tim Freeke’s book Lucid Living questions are we dreamers dreaming this life or can we awake from it?

For me, it’s all the noise that deafens our senses and tries to manipulate our thoughts and behaviors.

Is it just me, I plan my week, my days or should I say daze and when I look back over the day I find I missed and sometimes didn’t even think of those things I intended to do. Please say it’s not just you Cloughie. And what do I do when I notice this? I give myself a really good dressing down – How’s that working for me?

The thing is every year, maybe every month or week, there’s new noise to take your attention away from creating a great life.

So how do we combat this intrusion and manipulation? Well, I’ll tell you by following in part Jocko Willink, David Goggins, and Joe Rogan to name but three ( I know there are so many more that guide me). So buckle up and come with me down rabbit hole #3 :O) and press play – it is a podcast after all.

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Shine brightly


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And the transcript WARNING if you’re a lover of the written word this may make you frustrated, or angry – you have been warned – is it an ‘ism


Hey, how you doing? This is, I guess, wakey wakey number three. Hashtag three, wakey three.


And there may be some swearing in.


This, and if I do, then I.


Apologize in advance, because it’s only going.


To be the one word. But we’ll see. They were in my notes because I.


Got a little bit going with this.


And the reason is, number three, are you asleep? When you talk about Cluffy, am I asleep? Well, think about it. Maybe you’re just hibernating a bit, and, sometimes.


I’m talking about me, really.


These are questions to me that if you imagine you’re me, I’m asking you for me. Are you asleep? Cloughy? Are you hibernating, are you in a daze? Because I bet you’re like me.


I bet you are like me.


You have so many things you want to do. You’re here, you’re following personal development unplugged.


But you want to make the best.


Version of yourself, don’t you? So you have things that you want to do. You want to do them every day. You set them out in your week. And like you, I plan them out. I sit down on a Sunday, generally Sunday.


I’ve got a little bit of football.


On Sunday afternoon football. And I get my little book out and I start to go through what I plan to do in the week. And then I put it into days. Things I have to do, things I want to do. And do you know what? It’s so bloody annoying. Some things I do, some things I do.


But there’s sometimes the ones certainly, that have an appointment time on it.


I always keep those. But some of those other things, I just find I miss them sometimes.


It’s not until the end of the week. And that Sunday, when I review the.


Weeks that’s gone, I actually see that I didn’t even think about them. Didn’t even think about them. Have you done that? And it upsets me. It nearly swore then, but it really does me off. And I think to myself, Cloughy, you’ve got this schedule that you do. You’re supposed to be good at this. You’ve got a lot of skills. I’ve learned a lot of skills. I should be better.


And we do.


Should all over know. We go to the fridge and we know what we should eat, but we sometimes take that other thing out, that, little bit of chocolate. That little bit. Yeah, but I know we should do a lot of things, but I should be better, just be better at, finding these things. And when I miss them or I find I haven’t done improve what I really wanted to improve, I really berate myself. Imagine in the mornings, I’m sitting there with this lovely journal to ask myself questions. Questions that will enhance my life. And what do I do? I’m sitting there.


Imagine they’re sitting there. I’ve got my lovely cup of coffee.



This is the third time I’ve recorded on lucid living


Maybe even put a little jostic up.


In the corner of the room just to give that smell nice anchor to be. This is my comfortable place. And then I berate myself in that journal. I give myself such a ticking off.


Imagine that voice is coming through my.


Head, into my arm, into that pen. And I’m really going, why the buddy? How do you forget that?


Is it a block? Is it this?


Is it that? And, because I’m in that state.


I’m not finding answers because I’m not.


In a state to find answers.


I’m in a state just to give.


Myself a good old fashioned rollickin and that’s when I start to think, or I did start to think when I. This little bit, maybe I’m. We. You are, still living in a dream, waiting and wanting to wake up out of this dream. Because if it wasn’t a dream, and.


I know we can do all sorts.


Of things in dreams, but if it wasn’t a dream and I had a dream, I’d be doing this stuff. So maybe we are just wanting and waiting to wake up. Tim freak, lovely surname. F-R-E-E-K-E. Tim freak wrote a book and it literally only takes half hour to read. It’s called lucid living. And I listened to that. He’s also got it on, well, I’ve got it on CD. Can you believe that CD? And I listen to.


And it’s in his voice on the.


CD and it’s awesome. Lucid living. And it’s all about waking up. And I’ve talked about this before because this is the third time. Third time I’ve recorded on this topic. And you’d have thought by now, hopefully it’s third time lucky. But you thought now, by now, I’d have woken up a little bit.


A little bit.


But maybe I have. Maybe I’m being a little bit hard on you. No, me. You. Me. Because we have changed. We have done. When I look back and review, yeah, things have changed. Some things have been a lot better, but I still think they could have been that much better if I’d woken up out of this dream. And it’s not the daydreaming we’ve talked about daydreaming and deliberately daydreaming. This is just, Is it a metaphor? A metaphor that we’re in a dream.


And when we wake up at the dream, it’ll just be because, you know.


When you’re in a dream and you’re sleeping and you wake up, sometimes you.


Think about that dream, and sometimes it’s.


Just like it’s a new day. It’s a brand new day and that dream disappears. So three times, third time. Third time lucky recording this stuff, because every year is what I was thinking about. Every bloody year there’s new stuff to distract you. I’ve called it, noise. New noise to distract you from being awake and, my being awake is doing the stuff that I know will make a difference to me.


And if it’s making a difference to.


Me, it’ll make difference to other people.


And it’ll make difference to little old.


Planet earth in a small way, but.


If it makes a positive difference, and.


Even in a small way, that’ll be good. But it’s bloody noise.



Joe Rogan: When you become free of the noise, you become empowered


And one of our meta notes is when you become free of the noise, you become empowered. But what type of noise are we getting now? Still having wars. Bloody wars. In this day and age, we’re still having wars. How bloody stupid is that? We got all this, I’m going to call it crap, men versus women and all that stuff around. And this is not political at all, but this just looking at the distractions we’re getting.


Why, can’t we just.


Embrace men and bloody women, just. And let diversity, all these things coming along and bombarding us through this social media, the news, everywhere you bloody turn, there’s things like this going on. There’s politics everywhere. 1 minute it’s the thing that’s so loud in your ears, and then you don’t hear a bloody thing about it, because there’s something else even louder. And there’s always some new noise. Other people, other things that are vying and trying to take your attention because.


They are trying to take your.


Not just getting you to be aware of things, but they are taking your attention to control, to control what you listen to. And there’s only one. Well, maybe more than one, but you should certainly listen to yourself first. Control what you listen to. Be observant of what you’re listening to.


And, not just diving in and without the data.


Maybe. Maybe. So each year I wrote this down, each year, cloughy, I seem to remember I’m, having to try to wake myself up again and again and again. Do you find that?


Just thinking about what I’m talking about.


Now, does that noise get on your bloody nerves? And we get lost in it sometimes, don’t we? You hear or read something, you see.


It on a little video on social.


Media, and the next moment down that bloody rabbit hole. And if you stopped, even when you do stop, stop, and it’s normally too long, but when you do stop, do you ever sit back and go, do you know what? I’ve learned something from that that has enhanced my life, that’s going to make my life better? Not when it’s random like that.


Yes, sometimes that teacher comes along on the video, but that’s when you got.


To be looking for stuff, sending out that, vibration of I want to learn something, I want to get better at something. And then you’ll find that stuff. It seems to come along with synchronicity. But not all that noise distracting you. And, what’s it distracting you from? Being the best version of yourself. That’s what I believe. And you see, to me, there’s so.


Much noise that we need to control.


And the only person who can control that is you. It’s us. We’ve got to take ownership, haven’t we, really? Because here’s a couple of things people I’ve talked about before just reminded me.


When I was thinking about this.


Jocko Willick, extreme ownership.


And one of the words he says.


When he gets a problem to deal with, he goes, good, good, let’s deal with it. That’s taking extreme ownership, and it is extreme. But with all this noise, maybe we do have to be extreme now. We have to look to these people.


And not think that they’re going so.


Extreme just to pull us along a little way. We’ve got to maybe look at this David goggins. I get to do this. Thriving on getting to do the things that he knows. May be tough, maybe hard, but they’re the right things to do.


And the right things to do are.


Generally just a little bit.


They’re taking us out of our comfort zone. I don’t like that term.


To me, it’s more familiar because even.


In that supposedly comfort zone, we’re not that comfortable.


We’re maybe uncomfortable with that bloody noise. But I get to do this. I get to do this for me. Joe Rogan talks about just being responsible for you. They’re the first three that came to.


My mind, but they’re the three people.


I do tend to follow.


And if you follow people like that.


I think you get the bandwidth, you get the direction it all comes down to. No bloody excuses, no reasons.


Oh, I can’t do this because, of.


No, that’s a bloody excuse. Because you say, good, I get to do this. I’m responsible. And the only thing what gets me is I get this every year, third time, third year on the run, thinking like this. But if nothing else, I’m pleased. I am pleased with this. I did berate myself for thinking, bloody hell, cloughy. Another one. The same thing.


And it’s not the same thing because.


Each year it’s different, and each time the message will be slightly different. But if we do just sit back once a year and, review, I have to learn this. I guess and remind myself, re remind myself I have to be present. Bring myself into the present. And, know that we both own this moment, this moment right now in our lives, your life, my life.



What could you use as a wake up call every morning


And I thought of a little mantra, and this is where the swear word comes in. Because it just came to me. I just thought, fuck the noise, because it made me jump a little bit. Because this is my life, my day. My day in this life of mine might stop tomorrow. I hope not. I want it to go on for not ever. Because I’ll lose everyone I love. If I. If I keep alive forever. Maybe I could find more people to love as well. That’s another thought. But just this is my life. And this is however long my life is. Every day is my life and my day in that life. So I began to think every morning, what could I use as a wake up call? Because this is a wake up call to me because that’s what people used to call these things, isn’t it?


You have something that shocks you a.


Little bit, and they call it a wake up call. So wakey wakey. So what would it be like? imagine this. What would it be like being that.


Ultimate vision of yourself? That ultimate vision of yourself would take.


No bloody notice of the noise, would it? Because it’d be concentrating, focusing on making your life better. And, probably making other people’s lives better, too, in that making of your life better. That’s a lovely thing.


And you don’t have to do it.


Too long, do you? You wouldn’t have to do that for many seconds. If you just remind yourself of that.


Picture of you, that ultimate vision of.


You, the one you’re striving to be, the one that you could be right now, by the way, and then get better. Because if it’s in your mind, it means you’ve got those skills. Maybe we just need to hone them, practice them. So what would happen if you saw yourself every morning reminding yourself with that.


Tiny snapshot of a visualization of that.


Ultimate vision of you and feel it, how good would that be? What would the effect on your day be? I know it would be on my day. And, think of this for the moment because we have to be present. Just imagine this.


You don’t really need your eyes closed, but you don’t want to be doing something.


By the way, if you’re driving, you can listen to it, but don’t think about this. Just let it go past. But if you got a moment, just think, this very moment is now. And this now keeps move. Well, it doesn’t move. It stays here. Things are just happening. But in this very moment in time, what can you hear? Just notice what you can hear. Listen.


Listen to the noise.


Maybe I’ve just heard my stomach when.


I was thinking that my stomach just.


Get a little growl. I can hear things happening outside because it’s raining and I can hear the raindrops hitting the roof of this little studio. What else can you hear? They’re mine. And the more you listen, okay, you can hear the things which are right evident or right by you. But as you listen even more, you may hear things just slightly more in the distance. All these things happening right now. What can you see? Just look around. Good to be observant, but just look around. All the things that you weren’t taking notice of, they were always there. But now you can, you can notice these things. Open up your peripheral vision. Notice a beauty. Look for beauty in everything you see. Maybe there’s a logo there. Who did that? Who had that idea? Maybe the things you’re wearing, the people around you, the things around, just notice everything that you’re looking at and can see you right now. Maybe what you can feel, if you’re standing, you’re sitting, actually feel in your body, the structure you’re standing on. You’re sitting in, you’re laying in.


Maybe you can feel things with your.


Hands, your fingers, even. Sometimes if you can hear that, I says me tapping my little desk just to tell me I’m here right now. And, as you just think of being here right now, fuck the noise. This is me. This is my new meme, by the way. I’m gonna try not to say it out loud too much when I wake up in the morning, but inside, want to wake up. I want to wake up every day and hear the world as it is right now. See the world as it is right now. Feel the world in the smell and taste right now. Be in the beauty right now. Because when I’m doing that, I can discern from that crappy noise. As we said, things like news. Yeah, we got to know about some things, but hear the right news, hear the balanced views.


If you’re going to get interested in.



Taking ownership of the day right now in the present, knowing what to do


Things, look at the data. Don’t just take people’s words for it. Maybe because there’s an agenda there, maybe, but create your own noise, your own you in the day with that visualization of the ultimate vision of you. This is where I am. This is where I’m going. What am I going to create today? What am I going to create today. When am I going to take extreme ownership? Good. This is mine. When am I going to say, I get to do this, David, go. I get to do this. I’m just responsible. No more excuses, no more reasons. If I’ve set out something to do, I’m going to do it.


And if something even better comes along.


I’ll decide whether I do that instead of the thing I’m doing. I will decide. I will become responsible for my decisions, my choices. Because this is my day, my bloody day. And every moment is my moment. And no other bugger is going to take it away from me. I will choose to share it with you as I’m doing now, because I want to share these things with you. Really helps me, by the way, because.


This is going inside me.


I talk about the way to learn something or understand how well you know something is to share it verbally with other people. Can you communicate it? And I don’t know how good a job I do as communicating this, but I’m getting to get it in my own head. So if this resonates with you just a bit, find a way to trigger it. Taking ownership of the day right now in the present, knowing and choosing what to do. Remind yourself. Find a way to trigger and remind yourself. It could be as silly as some sticky pads left on the side of a door frame that’s at eye level. So as you walk through that,


We won’t write fuck the noise on.


That, because that’s a bit rude, but maybe just. This is my time.


I get to do this.


Good. This is my time. Maybe you just stick a little sticky note on a few door frames at your eye level. Yeah, it sounds silly, but you’ll get it.


Maybe on your computer screen, maybe on.


Your phone, maybe just stuck on your alarm as you wake up. This isn’t a clock. This is your time. And the more outrageous, the better. There’s a couple for me and I wonder what they are for you. How outrageous could you be to remind yourself, this is your time, your day, your moment, no one else’s. You’re responsible for it.


So everything you do, if there’s something that doesn’t quite work out, you’re responsible.


For that and you’ll learn from it. So if this has resonated with you and you think, yeah, Paul, they’re great.


Things to do, I’ll just do those.


Absolutely superb. I’d love to hear how that wakes you up.


But if you’ve got something even more.


Outrageous that something just suddenly springs to mind, let me know. So let me know both of those. You can email me feedback at personal developmentunplugged.com. I’d love to know what yours.


Are because they’re going to inspire me and I want to share them with other people, share them with myself.


So we all get to live every moment. And that’s the target. That’s the goal. And if we can get to 80% of that, we will be outshining every other bugger on the planet. Well, not every other bugger, because they might be doing the same, but not. But we will be so ahead of 80% of the rest of the world. And then we can show them they’re not bragging. Then we can show them by example, how good life can be, how not to get distracted. Wouldn’t that be good?


And again, as I’ve shown this with.


You, trying to, get it deeper into my mind, clearer in my mind, it would be great if you could.


Think about this and maybe share it with somebody else. Just use it as a discussion about.


How noise distracts you and how you can bring yourself back into the moment. Sharing this podcast would be awesome, too.


Because it might, just might not resonate with everybody.


And that’s cool.


But if it resonates with one person.


Just one person, we’ve both done our job. We’ve both done something that makes a difference. And that one person may just make a difference, and we’ll never know how far the ripples have changed. Go, will we? But we know, they’re going in such a way, like the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect. We’re just flapping our little wings this side of the world, knowing that as the momentum builds, it’s going to make a difference. So please do share this episode.


Stick a thing on that. Tap that subscribe button, follow button.


That would be great, too, but this would be great.



And I got a feeling this is coming up to, if you listen to


And I got a feeling this is coming up to, if you listen to.


This as it comes out, it’s probably.


Coming up to new year.


So if it is, happy new year. And if it isn’t, I’ll buggered it up. But this is something we could just muse about.


So when we do actually put these things into our, schedule for the.


Week, the day we know that we’re going to do it, we’re going to make a difference.



Paul Clough says it’s time to fly on your own


So let’s go and make a difference, my friends, by having more fun than we can stand in this very moment. The present. Give yourself a present of the presence, things like that. Because it’s now time to fly. I’ll see you next time, my friend. Let’s have fun together. Bye bye, now.


>> Speaker A: Warning. You are now leaving the unplugged mind of Paul Clough. It’s time to fly on your own. Be brave, my friend.


>> Speaker E: Personal development unplugged.