#214 Pain Then Pleasure

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Pain Then Pleasure

Enjoy the pleasure

Warning – this is a New Years Resolution FRREEE ZONE!

We know we can make changes any day, any minute of a year and this is the place to come to do just that.

In this episode, I’ll take you through at least a couple of processes that facilitate making changes at both the conscious and unconscious levels with ease.

Sometimes we have to realize what and how not making changes can mean to us now and in the future – the pain – which enhances the motivation for the pleasure of creating a now and the future we desire.

I have gone into this subject quite deep because I believe it’s important to understand that making our life the one you want is not a pipe dream, not whoo whoo La La, not clickbait for some made-up false guru but totally possible. All you need is the will to do whatever it takes and the limit of your imagination, which we know is limitless.  (that was a little inside my mind rant too!)

It’s not difficult but it does take effort and commitment. Knowing this stuff without action is BS. The rewards, however, are immense.

So please come with me and experience the processes and then commit to making your life happen – you will not regret it – Cloughie guarantee :O)

When you gather the golden nuggets here, and there are so many, please let me know what you do with them by emailing me at feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com

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Please enjoy

Shine brightly


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The transcript of episode #214 Pain then pleasure

Hi, my friend, welcome back to the PDU. And what are we going to talk about in this podcast? Well, if you know me, well, you do. But if you knew me, well, you will know I will not talk about New Year’s resolutions, because I think they’re absolutely rubbish. Because if all you’re going to do is a new year’s resolution in New Year’s, and then let it go after the first week, well, you’ve just wasted time. And I think you can change any day of the week, you can set a goal any day of the week of the year of the month, you do not need this new year’s resolution. In fact, I think yours should be more of a review of the year, see where you’ve been, not where you want to go to see where you’ve been and then you can reassess how your goals are going and what you’re going to do. But this is not anything to do with new year’s resolutions. But it’s a brilliant thing to do to set yourself up. So have you ever heard of this? Great saying that I heard a little while ago, don’t let life live up to your negative expectations? You see what I heard that I thought, well, I had to play it again. Don’t let life live up to your negative expectations. And that got me thinking.

You see, there’s that other saying I’ve been telling you about. Whatever you think about your get, whether you like it or not, and I thought they are linked a bit aren’t they, they are linked In away. So don’t let life live up to your negative – So I’ll say that again, Paul, don’t let life live up to your negative expectations. And then just add whatever you think about you’ll get, whether you like it or not.

And also have you heard this being said by somebody, not necessarily you there’s not one of those things where, you know, look inside, but someone might say to you, I have a friend like this, who said, if it’s gonna happen to me, or if it’s gonna happen to anyone, it’s gonna happen to me. I’m so unlucky. I never win anything. Well, they didn’t win anything. And they had so many dramas in their life, they would go on holiday, the flight would be wrong, the hotel would be wrong, they’ve slipped over on the floor, the food would be they’d get ill. And everything in their life was a drama because if it was going to happen, it was going to happen to them. A self-fulfilling prophecy, prophecy, get it right, Cloughie.

And I kept thinking about this. Is this a little bit like whatever you think about, you’re gonna get whether you like it or not? because they’re thinking about things that have gone wrong, things that may go wrong, and actually telling people out loud, not just to themselves, they’re telling people what is gonna happen to them. And low and behold, it does, and they simply wallow in it. But it does happen. And it does. They do have a lot of stories, don’t they? And in fact, then life is, I guess, living up to their negative expectations because they expect this thing to happen. And it’s not positive, is it?. So I do think though, we do all have a little bit of this in us. Can we? I wonder why that is?

Well, I did wonder, I’d like you to wander along with me. Let’s have a little mews. You see, we’ve all got this reptilian brain this one on that, that very first one, that very low brain. And it’s there for protection. We’re told about it everywhere you go, this reptilian brain is there, saves you from Saber Tooth tigers, the attack of a dinosaur, all that stuff. And we still got it. Okay, we haven’t got the dinosaurs, but we’ve got other things going on. So, therefore, it’s there to protect you or keep you safe. But does it? Well, sometimes. But at other times it can lead to overwhelm can’t it? In the way that you get these endless loops. Because, yeah, you haven’t done anything. So it keeps it going, over and over and over again. There we are, we’re thinking about this negative thing going, that might happen, that could happen. And we go into this overwhelm. We also even extend it out with this wonderful power of imagination we’ve got, we think of the very worst that could happen. But it probably wouldn’t. But just in case. And then we don’t end up doing anything or, life lives up to our negative expectations. And it does happen, of a sort, not maybe as bad as we thought. But it wasn’t as positive as it could have been. Or whatever we were thinking about comes along whether we like it or not.

See the other thing that happens too, which is somewhat linked, is our negative experiences and never negative experiences are there again to protect us. Or they should be by remembering them we should learn from them. And if we’ve learned from them,

then we don’t need the negative experience to stay up in the forefront of our mind. We don’t need that negative emotion. The fear, the stress, the anxiety from it. But sometimes we just haven’t learned because we’re still staying with that emotion. And if you think about this, how easy is it to find a negative situation from your past? It’s easy, isn’t it? I ask anybody and say, Can you think of something that was negative in your life? Something that was fearful or something was frightening? Something was sad. Something was there any negative emotion think of and click, click,

click, they’ll come up with them, just like that. But then you go, can you think of a really good time?

Oh, that’s a difficult one. I have to think about that. And it takes time, yes, you can find them. And when you do find them, you might find more. But these negative experiences are at the forefront. Oh, easy access to us. In that way it just seems to, I don’t know, it just keeps things going. And that’s, I’ve got a brilliant way, or heard about a brilliant way, I didn’t make it up. But hey, we’re going to go there in a minute, of letting this stuff go, and actually start to think of the things that we want in our life. Now, if you said to me, hey, Cloughie, this is all pretty, pretty painful stuff you’re telling me? And the more painful question is, what would your life be like if you let it continue in this way? That’s right, it is painful. And that more painful question I’ve just asked and I had to ask myself this, and I didn’t like it very much. What would happen to your life? And what would life be like, if you let it continue with these negative things happening? Hmm. Well, you see, yes, I know, my initial thoughts on this was, well it’s not all the time. It’s not all negative. But the thing is, that doesn’t balance. If you imagine a seesaw, a seesaw, going back to our childhood, lovely seesaw, and at one end, was a positive thing in our lives. And on the other end, there are all the negative things that happened in our life. And I can tell you what, if you put equal ones on the negative would win. Because they do so it just seems that a negative emotion is more charged than a positive. And the thing is, even if they’re one level, I know they’re not. But even if they were level, one cancels out the other, and your life was full of negatives and positives, and they’d be imbalance it would mean you live in a neutral life. Neutral, do you want to live a life in neutral? Think about it like a car, put into neutral? What happens? Exactly, nothing, nothing happens at all. You don’t go forward, you don’t go backward? Well, you just stay. But life passes you by. And I want to just for a moment, a little bit more pain, just a little bit more pain. This is so masochistic, isn’t it? What I want you to do is just imagine a life of neutral. What would be the type of things it sees in your life? When there are no real highs? Okay, there’s no real lows, but it’s just neutral. What things would you hear? What would be the world telling you? What would you maybe smell in this neutral world of neutrality? Maybe what it tastes like. But even when you put that all together, trying to get hold of a feeling was pretty bad. I don’t get any feelings either way, when I did this, because I had to do this before while I was making my notes. And I’m thinking, this thing of neutrality, what seemed to be quite a good idea is actually, I’m not quite sure whether I’d rather have the negatives and the positives and plan all around. And now, here’s the thing. What I said to myself in my notes, WTF, I’m not gonna say, but I thought, oh, WTF, Cloughie, where are you taking me? And that’s what I thought about you. Where am I taking you now? And that’s what you’re probably saying, Cloughie where are you taking me? Well, stay with me just for a moment? Because it’s gonna get really better? You see, this way of using your reptilian brain or using your negative experiences and not quite learning from them? And keeping them is a good idea. But and here’s the but, how positive is it? If we can let it go? Imagine this, this is a better question. Imagine this, if all those negatives were to disappear from your life because you’ve learned from them. So you’d have all those learnings unconsciously stored. So they’re always available to you. And you could use all that positive energy with all those learnings. What would you be able to do? That’s right, absolutely blooming anything and even if you couldn’t do the thing you really want to do, you would have a positive belief that you could learn how to do that. You’d find someone to help you because you would believe that they’re out there, you’d see but I can do that. I just need to practice more. So we can change it. Because we can, this is where we’re going to say this is a positive bit, you had the pain, here comes a pleasure.

So you see, this is not a difficult thing to do. It’s not difficult. But there’s a little but here. It takes effort, it takes energy. It is not a free lunch. Nothing well you know and I do, there’s, there is no such thing as a free lunch. You know, you have to turn up, you have to be there, you know, Something’s coming. This takes energy, it takes the will to do whatever it takes. But we’ve all got that in abundance, especially when you start to focus on where you’re going what you want. And you get that motivation. And you get the why. And this is the thing that when we start to just move in this direction, we start doing what I’m going to suggest you do, you tip the switch. So it’s not difficult. It’s not difficult to just change the switch. But you do have to press it with your finger, don’t you? You can’t just keep looking at it say, Well, I do that sometimes. It’ll be alright. It’ll come on in a minute. You know, I’ll do it. When I’m ready. No you press the switch, and boom, the light comes on. The aha moment happens, the energy turns on, energy, bringing light to the world to you, oh, that was a bit heavy. So I want you to switch and switch in a way that you can use all those learnings. So let’s get out of the old way. That out of that. Not learning from the negatives not using what we’ve got using all those skills, we’re going to be safe. And we’re going to use that one skill that never ever, ever, ever, ever. How many evers can you get in there ever goes away? You were born with it? In fact, the younger you were, the more you had it. And all you got to do is tap into again.

that’s what you’re saying, Here’s what it is? imagination. So what I want you to do just for a moment. Okay, we had that little bit of pleasure, we’re going to go into deeper pleasure. I want you to just sign up for a moment. What Yes, stand up for a moment, give a shake, give a little Haha, laugh, move around a little bit just to shake off all that old, negative stuff I’ve been talking about. I t went in, but I don’t want you to keep it in your body. I don’t want to hold on to that, that emotion. Because you know, when you think about that stuff, we don’t want to think about it. Now, this is a different way. I want you to turn this switch into now I’m ready to listen. I’m curious. That’s right, set your state set your intention. I’m curious what’s going to happen? I wonder, would it be like, if I do what I hear how much will it affect the goals and the dreams that I have? You see, I want you to imagine, imagine something for me. So again, as usual, if you’re working the heavy material, every machinery not material. So if you’re working with heavy machinery, please don’t if you’re driving, don’t do this either. You just need a little bit of time. It’s not too long. But you need a little bit of time where you’ll be undisturbed. Because you can close your eyes, you don’t have to. But it works so much better when you close your eyes because you haven’t got that distraction of things happening in front of you. And I want you to just for a moment.

So if you’re not going to do this right now, just have a look at what the time is on this podcast, just have a look. Now, make a little mental note. Oh, it’s so many minutes and remember to come back to it. And then just fast forward a little bit or whatever you’ll be okay.

So anyway, if you’re with me now, take a deep breath. Breathe out. And just close your eyes for a moment. We’re not going into hypnosis, this is imagination. And I want you to imagine just for a moment, over there in front of you, maybe just a little bit below you. There’s that you, another you just out there in front of you. See yourself over there. That’s right. But this time, I want you to imagine that you out there is in the future. This is that future you and that future you have created and achieved your goals. they’ve achieved your goals at work, or, and or and in all your relationships, in all your social life. Maybe your hobbies, the things you’ve learned things you wanted to learn anything basically that you have a goal or dream of that you over there has achieved it. Look at them now. How do they look to you over there? How are they walking? Look at their body language, their physiology. I’m going to guess because when I do this, I just see me walking around there with ease with a comfortable swagger as it were. And sometimes I’m just dressed in this really relaxing looking clothing because I’m just, I’m flexible out there on toned. I’m feeling good about myself, I can see from my body language, I’m feeling good about myself, there’s a smile as a knowing smile, I’m okay. And in fact, I’m enjoying the fruits of everything I’ve done up to now over there, my works good, my relationships are good, my social life’s good. I’m learning things I’m enjoying things I’ve got, I’m doing, and have had wonderful experiences.


you don’t have to see all of those things, you see yourself over there. Because you don’t quite know all the goals and dreams that you have there as, as achieved, because they’ll be the ones you’ve got now in your head, and more. And don’t worry, if you don’t see yourself over there and 20/20 vision, just become aware, you’re over there. And you can imagine what you look like, what you walk like, and when you do that, I just want you to imagine for a moment, floating out of yourself. And into that you, into that you over there, that you from the future, that you that is achieved all of your dreams, your goals, bigger, better than you could ever expect, quicker than you could ever expect.

And as you float into your body, just look through your eyes, your eyes from the you from the future, what do you see? How do you see the world? how colorful is, how bright it is. Just notice your peripheral vision. even notice those pictures in your mind of the new dreams you have. Or maybe just you just know, there are new goals, new dreams, which you have this belief that you know you’re going to achieve.

Hear, hear how you speak hear, what you’re listening to having achieved all these goals, how you’re setting up the new achievements, the new successes, and enjoying the steps along the way. And when you see what you’ll see, hear that inner voice, the one that says, I;m okay, this is great. What else can I do? What can I learn? How can I use this? How can I make a difference in the world? And when you see what you’ll see and hear what you’ll hear, feel this, feel this success from the future. That’s it. Just feel and feel it. And remember this feeling, because that’s all you have to do, remember it.

Now, come back into your body. But just remember that feeling. just remember that feeling. You could even squeeze your finger and thumb together, just so you can remember it by anchoring it hold of that feeling and come back into you. And notice what it feels like now.

Open your eyes. Maybe you want to stand up, shake it off, run around. It’s a good feeling, though, isn’t it? And you see, the reason we come back out of it is that your unconscious mind now knows the direction you’re heading, where you want to go, what is going to feel like this is what I want. This is the why, the Why is this great, wonderful feeling of achieving success. Now then, first, take this a little further. And I really think you ought to, you might want to sit down and think about your individual goals because this was very general wasn’t it?

Now, I think

in specificity, don’t we love that word specificity. Think of different sections, areas of your life. And think of the goals you have in each. Now if you wanted to, you could just do what we did again, and just adapt it. But what I’ll do very quickly, we’ll just do one of them.

So you know you’ve got a goal. Yeah? Just pick one goal, one goal that you’re hoping for and dreaming of that you just want in the future. Yeah, you got it just the one doesn’t matter which context or which area of your life because this gives you the idea. And just like we did before, just be curious, get in that curious state and imagine setting your intention, what can I learn from this.

And now take a nice deep breath, let it go, and close your eyes. And then see that you over there that’s that you over in the future again. And that you over there has achieved that goal. And in fact, I want you to see that you over there. Going through the steps to achieve that goal. Just imagine and I know you’re gonna see that you over there. You can see them, they’re holding that big picture, the big picture of the goal in itself, but also holding on to that big picture. They’re noticing them having pictures of the smaller baby steps. The steps are going to lead you to that wonderful big picture. You may also imagine that you from the future as it goes through those steps may encounter a problem or two, because things happen. But just notice how they’ve got that belief, that will do whatever it takes to go around it over it under. Because they can know they’ve got the big picture in mind, they know they’ve got the will to do whatever it takes. And they’ve got the belief that it’s okay, they’re okay, they’re going to do it. And they notice they can get over issues, they can get over obstructions around obstructions, and then see them having achieved that goal. And if you want to, now you can float into them, having achieved that goal, to feel what it feels like to have the success of that goal. See what you’ll see. The internal pictures, the outs, the pictures from the outside, the internal voice the sounds outside, make them so big, bright, colorful, clear, crystal clear. And feel that feeling. And then when you feel that feeling, just maybe, tell your unconscious mind that this is it. This is really it, this or something better, because that’s the thing, this or something better. And then come back into you always come back into you. Open your eyes.

Look at me, everything seems brighter sometimes isn’t that when we do this? Awesome. Quick, get up, shake around, do what you want. Take a big breath, shout out loud. Hey, Cloughie, that was brilliant. That’ll be a good thing to share. People will just wonder what you’re talking about.

We see you now telling you, your conscious mind and your unconscious mind. This is how I want to feel this or something better. And you see that gives your unconscious mind the direction to go. Yeah, because you see, sometimes your goal might change. Have you ever had that experience where you know what you’re going for, this is a goal I want and something has come along even better. And because you haven’t got fixed on the goal, you’ve been able to change paths slightly and get an even better result. And that’s what this is about. You’re telling your unconscious mind, exactly the feelings that you want. This or something better. So as things happen, and you move towards that one goal, in this particular area of your life, your unconscious mind is looking further using all your peripheral vision, noticing all the opportunities that will just be able to move in that right direction to give to get you to learn the right things.

Now, here’s the thing, you can do even more. Even more, you say Cloughie is there more, you say? I want you to do something in a little bit the way I want to, I want you to do it. And it’s so simple. Again, simple. In simplicity, there is genius. And that’s what we do here. But it takes the will to do whatever it takes, you have to do it. Because if you’re just going to go that’s a good idea.

That’s a great idea. And I’m sure it works. Well, you won’t find out if it works at all. You see,

I need you to get I don’t need you, I don’t need you to do anything, I want you to want to, I want you to want to get that Oh, wonderful Journal of yours. Mine’s Jenny journal. In fact, I’ve got lots of Jenny’s. And I want you to open up the page, a blank page, or maybe it’s a double-sized page. And I want you to know before you even start this, you can add to it at any time, you can change it to any, you can change it anytime. You can evolve things. In fact, I want you to do that. Because as we keep imagining in these different contexts, and these goals and seeing that future and going in and out, having those wonderful feelings, saying this or something better, your unconscious mind will see those new opportunities to make things even better. And I want you to have the opportunity. So wow, now we’re moving to a better goal. Now I want you to put it into this journal. Now, what am I talking about? You see, I want you to maybe set aside 20 minutes initially, that 20 minutes, everyone’s got 20 minutes haven’t they? You could say five, but five wouldn’t do it justice. I could say 10. But hey, 20 minutes, 20 minutes just in the evening when it’s quiet. Just forget the telly. Forget everything. Do you say Telly in America? Was it TV? Anyway, whatever, whatever it is, put 20 minutes aside, you might want a bit longer later. But initially, let’s do our baby step or baby steps. This is a baby step. I want you in 20 minutes without any criticism without any thoughts about how’s or ifs, or maybe’s and all this sounds impossible. And don’t care. I want you to write down all the things you want. What you want to have, what you want to experience what you want to do, what you want to learn, and dreams and goals from every context of your life. If you want to you can put them into sections so a bit like that wheel of life, you know where we draw a circle and then we put it into little segments or parts Some people call it a pie to talk about that another day. But, or each one is a section of your life or an area of your life. It could be spirituality could be your health, could be relationships, could be your career, could be your social life, whatever it is. And each one of those, you could start to write a goal into each part of it. So just split the page up into those sections. Or, if you want to random, just let them fill the page up. And that’s it, you for 20 minutes, just write it up. And when you finished, you might want to need a nap not needing up to say that, again, not neatening it up


aesthetics. But to make it easy to read again, why would you want to read again Paul?, Because I’m gonna tell you because we’re going to start to refresh our conscious and unconscious mind of where we’re going. Because every time you look at each one of those little feelings is going to start to come into your unconscious mind has a direction want to go. And if you want to, you can use this, again, as the basis of that imagination step we were talking about. So you can go back into the imagination steps, each one,

I may well do a little hypnosis for this. So you can actually, once you’ve got them on a page, you can then do a little bit of this, just to get those feelings even more ramped up. But anyway, you’ve written everything out on the page. And it’s huge if you like a journal that I’ve got, which is a4 that when you open up, it is a three that’s a mega-size. And that to me would be too big to carry around. Because I want you to do something with it. So what I would do is get a card, a card that you can carry around maybe in your pocket, your wallet, your purse, your hat, put it under your hat, if you were anything like that, and I want you just to write those down, then that’d be an order. But it could be intersections doesn’t matter, whichever you choose, which is it’s all about choice isn’t what you do, you write them neatly, I’ll only say neatly because I want you to read them again. And in fact, what I think I’d like you to do, I thought about this and it came to me is I want once you’ve done one card, maybe write out a few of them, maybe three, four, or five, because you could leave them in places, places where you automatically would just catch them in your, in your vision. So a great one is to put one on the jamb of your door, the door that you go to your office may be or the door, you go to the toilet, that’s a great one, there’s always going to go the toilet. And as you walk past, you’ll just catch it, catch sight of it. And something will happen. Because it’s like creating the right type of noise around you. We talked about all that noise getting so confusing and, and overwhelming us. But this is creating a proper noise, a noise of success. So you might want to put one on your computer, you don’t have to look at it all the time. But it’d be there in your peripheral vision, your unconscious peripheral vision as well, you might want to put it on your desk, you might want to put it in your car just on the dashboard. I don’t expect you to read it while you’re driving, because that would be a silly thing to do. But it’s just there. Maybe you put it in a place where you’re always basically putting in places where you’re always going to be some time that you can walk past because as I say, this is really getting your unconscious mind to see it in everywhere you go. Put it on the fridge, a great place we have a sneak or put it on your beer bottle.

And the thing is, now I want you to make a commitment. And he can say to me Cloughie, I thought that was the commitment. I’ve imagined this, I’ve imagined that I’ve got the journal out. I’ve now written all on a card and cards and stuck them everywhere. How much more commitment Can you want from me? Well more, because again, it’s not difficult. Just a little bit more effort.

I want you to make a commitment to very quickly read these cards or this card on an hourly basis every hour. And you can say what?! Cloughie every hour? Yeah, I am perfectly, perfectly sound in what I just said because it’s gonna take you less than a minute to read them. I didn’t say I want you to think about everyone imagine it going out there. I just want you to read them every hour and everyone can do that for less than a minute. All you have to do is go quietly read it, read it, read the data, boom. Put it away. This is a great thing I love from somebody else and this is all you have to do. But not all you have to because you can do homework as well because but this is just going to get your unconscious mind to start noticing all the opportunities for you. It’s going to keep that Why charged it’s going to keep your motivation charged, keep your excitement charged, your curiosity charged, because if you do this every hour, boom, but not an instant aha boom is going to be a very slowly but quickly and surely way of getting things to change for you and it will So, what you have is no good saying, well, I did it for a day Paul, nothing happened, and probably will have but you didn’t notice it. This is a creeping giant. And it’s like that curve that grows exponentially. If I said that, right, it starts off slowly, and then builds up faster and faster and better and better and faster, faster. And you just don’t know on the, on the ride that you’re on. Because you’re enjoying the experience, you’re enjoying the adventure, because that’s what is now a bloody journey.

It’s an adventure, and you’re creating this adventure, we talked about cause and effect, we’re going to talk about even more now, or not now, but later, because you’re the cause side of events, you’re the cause side of every effect that happens, because you’re creating these things. And was it difficult to do? We haven’t done it yet. But when you do it, if you imagine doing it? Is it gonna take a lot of time? now Is it gonna take a lot of energy? No, it’s not gonna take anything other than during the imaginations doing your writing out the journal, and then writing on a card, but the cards everywhere, and then just reading it

every day,

we’re going to dive into this even deeper when things maybe aren’t quite going as fast as you want. Because it might be a reason for that. But at the moment, don’t think about anything other than the things that you want, and the things that are going to happen for you how they’re going to feel. And if you want to go back to the imagination steps again, just to get that feeling even stronger. And then if you get that inspiration, that intuition, add it to your mind, I call it a mind map. That’s what how I would add it to your journal and add it to that new piece of paper, or that little card every time you might want to write out that card again, every now and again. But remember, maybe at the end of the week, you might just go and have a look through your journal where you wrote things down ago. Do you know what I’ve had an intuition, I had a thought I could expand that even more, I really want. I thought I wanted this promoter. Now I’ve, I’ve learned a little bit. This is what I really want. If you by any chance as you’re walking along, or when you wake up or whatever it is, and you have that little aha moment, have a have an idea. Write it down somewhere, record it on your phone, write it in your notepad on your phone, use Evernote, use whatever, I use Evernote for mine, as you know, but use something that you can just record it on. And then in the evening, just spend five minutes updating your journal, updating that card, updating the cards that have stuck around. I think, well, in fact I know if you actually do this, you will find things will begin to happen. Good things, by the way, good things will really happen to you. And you’re going to be amazed, you’re going to look back maybe in a couple of months if you’ve done it for a couple of months, and it’s to two minutes a day Paul, Oh dear that’s nearly an hour or so over two months. Not a big deal. You know you waste that time talking going on, you’re gonna get that time easy. But you’ll be amazed when you look back and review how things have happened, how things have developed, how wonderful new ideas are coming along how your projects are going even better, how your work is getting better how your feelings are different, how your confidence is growing, how your self-esteem is getting better, how your circle of friends is getting richer, deeper, the people you didn’t really mix with that disappeared now because you’re, you’re just oozing with this wonderful feeling. Anyway, I think that to me, it was one like that a little bit of pleasure thinking it for myself, you say, when you do this, and you do spend this two minutes a day, or one minute, a day, every hour. And you say, well, in fact, what you’re being is, you’re being the uncommon person, within a group of uncommon people, you are going to be really the, we talk about all the 1% or being in the top 10%. And people just aren’t doing this. And you can, you can do this. And you’re going to be amazed, really amazed. If you do this for a month or so then it’s gonna become a habit. And this habit is going to grow into different areas of your life as well to get even better and stronger. Coor! exciting isn’t it. In other words of Nike – go do it. And that’s what I’d like you to do. If you’ve got the moment when you turn off this, this podcast, just after you’ve shared it and showing it to other people until about a minute. When you’ve shared it, you then sit down. And you imagine if you rewind, you come back, you’ve got your journal out, you even if you can’t do your journal, you can’t do this, you actually schedule in this evening, or this morning, or this lunchtime, or tomorrow morning at the very, very latest 20 minutes, half an hour to do all of this. It’ll take you 10 minutes to do the visualization. And it’ll take you and even a couple of sections in there as well. That’s all it’s gonna take. And then 20 minutes to roll this out. Get your cards got to go buy the cards if you got to do it now gone buy the cards and not be so this is not big, but it’s very, very clever.

Um, so that one little thing got me thinking and I just put it all together.

It just seems to make so much sense to me. I know this has been quite a long podcast, but I think it was worth it. And we’re gonna do this. We’re gonna explore this deeper in other podcasts, and I’m sure because it’s gonna get my brain thinking. So, until the next time, please just commit, schedule go do it.

Okay, but after you’ve just shared it. okay? And what I’d love you to do, as I always say, but I just really want you to do this is I know it takes a little bit of time. But share it back to me by email feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com

And there’s a reason not just to make me happy because it will make me happy. It’ll make me extremely grateful to, to see what you’re doing and how this has affected your life. But by doing it, you’re reconfirming it to yourself, because you’re having to think about it, type those words and press send, and you’re having to, it’s like a review already, you’re reviewing the wonderful things you’ve done. And that just goes in another dose deeper inside your unconscious mind to do more. So whilst I do it for my little ego a little bit, but also my thoughts on how I can develop it even further to that integrated field of learning. And I can do more with you. And it does something for you too. It reinforces all of this, as it does in every other podcast where I asked you to do this, but it really does reinforce it when you send me those emails.

Anyway. I also might, if you feel it would be a good idea. And you have to let me know. I could always put that imagination on, not necessarily a hypnosis track but, a track to guide you through that imagination. It’ll be a little bit hypnotic because I can’t help it. But it’d be great. But if you want it, I don’t have to do it. But if you’d like me to do it, you have to let me know.

Anyway, until the next time, please have a listen to what happens in the end because it’s really important. I know your time is important. And this has been quite a long podcast, but do listen to the outros as, as I call them because there’s some really useful information and there’s some important information okay.

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