#360 Your REAL Super Power

So many people try selling you a new superpower, ADHD, OCD, and the like and it’s all trendy and click-bait.

Everybody is blessed with one SUPERPOWER and although some will try to control yours it’s yours for keeps and is always within your control.

We use it all the time and a lot of the time unknowingly.

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#347 THE GIFT We All Have But Do We Use It?

So what is this gift? this skill? If I told you no one can take it away from you or make you use it in a particular way would that make it easier to guess?

Well it’s probably better described as two things

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#258 Creating Your Reality – Do You Really

There is a lot of BS spoken about how you create your reality BUT that doesn’t mean it’s BS – or does it?

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# 215 No Regrets

“We rarely regret doing something or something you have done”

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FMQ 266 The possibility of all things

To allow your self to dream anything and everything you desire with total freedom – What will you see when all things are possible, what will you hear when all things are possible and how will you feel when all things are possible?

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FMQ 165 Keep out! It’s my imagination – podcast

Your imagination is precious so “put a keep out sign on your imagination!” Albert Einstein. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or it won’t work or that’s silly because

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