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Hypnosis – Let’s deal with Worry in a Mad World

Let’s upgrade that old reptilian part of our brain that protects from saber tooth tigers and use all our resources, experiences and learn to be safe without worry.

#155 Hypnosis in the Eye of the storm

It is not your straight forward run of the mill hypnosis that others are good at with so much guided instruction. I have taken this one or two steps higher and deeper so you really get with your unconscious mind. You’re going to have to listen to notice and feel the difference

#150 Something Special – Unconsciously

Today’s the the day I share this with you. In fact this is the very first time I have shared this with anyone in more than 19 years.

#142 Performance anxiety – we all experience it – Part 1

My aim is to give you tools that work at letting go of this anxiety and allow you to be this best you you can be. To this we’ll dive into the intention of performance anxiety what it really is and what it’s trying to do for you.

FMQ 261 All things Hypnosis

A review of free hypnosis tracks and they’re downloadable

FMQ 259 Making it

Making it

How clever are you? Clever enough to make it?

Probably Not – WHAT!!!!!!!  and that’s a good thing!

FMQ 254 Hypnotic spice

It’s best that you listen to this episode before experiencing the hypnosis so both your conscious and unconscious minds are aligned to the making of your waking day filled with……………….

#137 Love and appreciation

Come with me to find how even secondary gain, getting things from an issue or problem, eventually will not get you the rewards you want.


How we need to do the very things we want from others.

FMQ 253 Living to your potential

We go all things ‘faking it until to you make it’ to living your potential. and all in just a few minutes. Can it be done – you bet – and why is all this important.

FMQ 250 Why do we always expect a no

Come with me to dive quickly and deeply to find the simple way(s) to change this and actually get great results. It only takes 15 minutes and 11 seconds in this 5 minute podcast 🙂