MaD WorLd – ‘Bonky’ Questions

There is, I believe, so much in this episode that it’s a ‘must listen’. I’d probably say that about everyone but this one really is :O)

Hypnosis Bonus – Let Go Into Trance

Go find a comfortable place you will be undisturbed, put on your headphones, close your eyes and………………

MaD WorLd – Real or Imagined

Your unconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real or imagined

MaD WoRld – Roles – You Choose

This all got me thinking of what I may choose and I hope I inspire you to do the same.

MaD WoRld – Hey Look!

You can notice it too, even if you’re confined to your home

Mad WoRld – Where’s The Time Gone

In my journaling today it became so obvious to me that I am not making use of time, it hit me pretty hard and got me thinking.

MaD WoRld – Dealing with Anxiety_2

sharing this so important process. It’s simple and in it’s simplicity, there is genius.

Mad WoRld – Let’s Text

How important would it be for you to stay in contact with those you may have forgotten?

MaD WoRld – A Mantra -Your Mantra

I didn’t get that. I didn’t get what to focus on because it didn’t grab me
And now I do get it and it does grab me and it will grab you.

MaD WoRld – Superheros

I wanted to share a recommendation (I think there’ll be a few more to come) of an interesting, make you think, kinda book – Well it made me think weirdly in a good way.