goal setting

# 151 Who’s Goal Is It Anyway

When you find what’s stalling the goals that really are yours I’ll show you one sure way of getting it back on track YAY! and successfully completing ie -YAY! YAY! – that’s a double YAY!

# 149 First day steps to competency

I didn’t realise I have been doing this for a long time and it took this great call to bring it out of my unconscious to a cognitive ‘how to’

FMQ 216 The secret of controlLing your results

I heard the other day that you cannot control the results you get and when I heard it I said out loud REALLY!!!!!! Now that is the best of worst limiting beliefs and defies the the law of cause and effect.

#117 Let’s park our goals

This started as a 20 minute podcast and has ended up around 40 minutes, I got so involved, and hopefully have given something you can take away and ensure your dreams/goals or outcomes come to fruition bigger and better and sooner than you can imagine – OH HapPy DaZe!!!!!!