#117 Let’s park our goals

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Let’s park our goals

I overheard some people talking about how settings goals was NOT the thing to do, in fact if you set a goal then you should set in on the shelf and forget about it. Oh how I love people making statements that seem brand new and confirm their latest theory advocating and promoting systems (and by coincidence their latest book). They even gave an example to prove their case which seemed so wrong it should have been left on the shelf instead. Which is all ok if you’re making people sit up and take notice but you don’t really mean it. This wall being said in quite a big arena and wasn’t just being said to make people sit up they meant it.

The thing is, and I may be completely wrong, but in my ‘ikkle’ world of self development and improvement goals remain pretty relevant as do systems or as I learnt about them – strategies. Yet even these two world beaters in achieving need one more ingredient and that’s VALUE – your values that give you the motivation to begin that goal in the first place.

This started as a 20 minute podcast and has ended up around 40 minutes, I got so involved, and hopefully have given something you can take away and ensure your dreams/goals or outcomes come to fruition bigger and better and sooner than you can imagine – OH HapPy DaZe!!!!!!

If I have made some sense or something you can and do use please let me know. Similarly if I’ve made no sense at all let me know too! email me at feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com 

Have some fun with this too :O)

Shine brightly


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