FMQ 216 The secret of controlLing your results

The secret of controlling your results

Let’s take control of the results we get and take responsibility for them and the empowerment that come with that.

I heard the other day that you cannot control the results you get and when I heard it I said out loud REALLY!!!!!! Now that is the best of worst limiting beliefs and defies the the law of cause and effect.

Simply change your belief and that statement falls down because it’s not true.

Now I know I titled this ‘The Secret‘ but it isn’t really a secret it’s as usual, hiding in plain sight like most of what we miss.

There’s a word I’m currently in love with – Specificity – It’s a great word and makes such a difference when we, yep me as well, remember to use it. When we don’t we get generalities and generalities when used with skill and direction can make wonderful changes but not here in the subject of results.

Even if we only use SMART goals you get to have more control but take it to another level with NLP’s ‘Well Formed Outcome’ and you’re in real business.  Oh! I just happen to have at least three hypnosis tracks that specifically meet this such as #92.1 Hypnosis working backwards from your goal and, you’ve got it, #91.2 hypnosis -well formed outcome and goal YAY!!!!!!!!!!! To get them along with around 40 others go to – They’re FREE

Shine brightly


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