# 151 Who’s Goal Is It Anyway

Who’s Goal Is It Anyway

A longer episode PDU podcast

We all have goals, in fact virtually everything we do is a goal, an outcome in mind. It’s just some are bigger and will have a more dramatic affect on how we feel when we’re working on them and when we finish -successful or not Hmmmmmmm.

More specifically, do you, like me, have goals that seem to have stalled or not even got off the ground and you have been thinking abut them for a long time?

Why is that? not getting that goal off the ground or completing them or even not being happy at the end of all that hard work. Well I have a couple of thoughts and a story of my personal past of not even starting something I would have loved to have succeeded in but never even started :O(

Come with me and I’ll go through some ways we can make sure we really want these goals/results in our lives or if just inherited them and what to do with them. When you find what’s stalling the goals that really are yours I’ll show you one sure way of getting it back on track YAY! and successfully completing ie -YAY! YAY! – that’s a double YAY!

As usual let me know your results, feedback and critique through he email feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com

Shine brightly


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