# 180 Winning or Losing – Both Can Be Bad for You

What would it be like to get your dream and hate it? What would it be like to miss out on your dream by a hair’s breath because you didn’t realize it was that close?

# 179 ATOTBO -How To Be the Best You

With a nice process thrown in to boot!

FMQ 299 A personal metaphor to being uncomfortable

Here’s to the next stretch in our lives into the uncomfortable zone

#178 Letting Go of Pain – Emotional & Physical

Rumi: These pains you are feeling are messengers
Listen to them

#177 Let’s deal with loneliness

We have to start somewhere and this is the first step and maybe the last

Have You Experienced a Dripping Tap?

I know this all seems obscure, maybe silly but there really is a serious message from old Cloughie here/hear

FMQ 297 Come for a walk and learn to connect

Let me know what you experience and how good it was

FMQ 296 Starting To Do Something

Yup! After a lot of painting, painting, and more painting and quite a few MaD WoRld podcasts to help us through this mad time, I have finally started something

#174 The BIG BUT

Enjoy becoming aligned and congruent with who you are and where you’re going