#184 I Had An Issue Now It’s Gone

I Had An Issue Now It’s Gone

I have two little questions

Are you up to participate in being curious

Did you use to be frightened of something, anxious, had OCD or You fill in the blank, and have you stopped?

You see I’d love to know and how you did it. What happened? Can and would you tell me?

Maybe what did you do that didn’t work and then what happened to you to change that issue?

You see I would like to model you and be able to share it with everyone else here in our Unplugged Community.

Here’s the email to let me know feedback@personaldevelopmentuplugged.com

I’ll also share how I worked with a client and his phobia with a process that was created by the originator of NLP, Richard Bandler, in this very same way by modeling and there’s a little example I walk you through too.

Please enjoy, and if you do please share this episode:



If you have and issue or a subject you would like an episode to be dedicated to letting me know at the same email above.

Shine brightly


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