#123 The wheel of buckets and pillars podcast

The wheel of buckets and pillars

a longer podcast

What are you not succeeding in? maybe not performing at your best at? Are there areas, sections of your life that are just not as good as you would like?  Hmmmmmmmmm.

Over the  years I have found a few ways to find just where you need to improve and I’ll go through them with you here in this podcast. The thing is most of the the processes taught don’t atually give you a how to make them better when you discover them – That’s where the PDU podcast comes to the rescue like the Lone Ranger, Luke Skywalker or even Rocky Balboa (thnk I’m going off the plot now)

Yep, we’ll go through things like the wheel of life, the 3 buckets and the 5 pillars all I have to say are awesome metaphors and I do suggest you read about them for yourselves. We’ll also go through some ‘HOW TOO’s’ to work with any of these models  to make the changes these show up for you.

You may decide to choose one of these models that feels and resonates and seeing the right way for you or as I would suggest use all three as I believe they each compliment each other and will give you a richer picture of where you are and how best to follow the ‘How Too’s’ I suggest. I really feel there is a richness of discovery here waiting for you to uncover and take responsibility to make the changes that create even more than you can imagine – Now there’s a nice thought – :O)

As I say in the podcast, I’m sure this will be a 2 parter or maybe even a three it all depends on you and your feedback. You may have to return to this a second time as you progress on your chosen model (or all two or three).

As I say your feedback is important and you can catch me on Twitter @pcloughie or by email feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com

Shine brightly


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