#128 Remember the positives because …………

Remember the positives because ………… A longer podcast

“You are a product of your experiences” A throw away line in a conversation between Joe Rogan and Sam Harris made me think how much of your experiences do we consider?

You see we tend to remember the negative times/events in our life and let that define us. That’s totally understandable because of our built-in defense mechanism, our reptilian part of our mind that continues to protect us from all those Sabre Toothed tigers :O)

Then I got to think about what would happen if we could take learnings from all the events of our past and use them – then we really would be a total product of our experiences. We’ve got the best computer in the world on top of our shoulders and in every fibre and muscle so it wouldn’t really be a problem to do so.

The thing is to get this underway we going to need the help of our conscious mind first and get it to send your unconscious mind in the right direction.

“How do we do that?”   I hear you ask

Have a listen and I’ll share with you my thoughts.

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Shine brightly


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