#136 Make this a habit


Make this a habit

And as usual it will change your life (for the good if not great)

I was reminded of this topic by a recent client and when I get to it you will go Oh! I do but you’re probably, if you’re like me, in a subtle state of denial.

You see from the moment of our conception, well at the very least our first breath, we’ve chosen everything we do, have done or will do and I’m not saying consciously but unconsciously using the wisdom and experience that we have at that moment. Taking this out a little further it means everything that happens in our life we’re responsible and hence we create our reality. Yes I know there are others creating their reality and they collide with us but we still choose to react or act when we collide. What a responsibility  🙂

In order to make these choices and make them good ones we really need to keep in mind the goals or outcomes in that given context (hey this is deep Cloughie) Let me explain – well being a podcast you’ll have to listen but you will hear something that will create the best choice.

I’ll explain why we swerve making this choice and how to get on track in the direction of those goals/dreams/wishes etc.

and all this came from a client who wanted to be …………………..

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Shine brightly


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