#205 Scared of My Bias and How To Change It

Scared of My Bias and How To Change It

When you understand how our cognitive bias is formed you will be scared, I was!

It’s inbuilt from the day we’re born but how we learn to use it from the examples/experiences we have doesn’t always make for us be the best version of ourselves that we would like to show the world. Heavy stuff Hey?

But if we could get it right, how we act and react would make for such a better life – for you – for me – and everyone else in the world.

Because it’s an unconscious process/program where better to go and fix it other than the unconscious level, which is where all the stuff, the noise tries to influence us. When we notice the noise and question it, look for the opposite, and the data we start our way to Self Sovereignty.

If you follow me down this rabbit hole we’ll learn how to make those changes that in turn will affect a whole lot more in the messed-up world for the better. Strong stuff, it’s simple but takes effort but together we can do this. Come and find out the Why, the What, the How, and the What if.

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