# 215 No Regrets

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No Regrets

Striving for a life with No Regret

I heard someone say “We rarely regret doing something or something you have done”

Which I sort of agree with but don’t. I do believe we should learn from those times we still regret doing or not and in doing so commit to using those learnings and in that way we need no longer need to hold onto that negative emotion of regret.

If we have regret, it simply means we haven’t learned from that event in our past, and if not that negative feeling tends to grow, like a snowball rolling down a slope, getting bigger and gaining momentum.

So in this podcast episode come with me to learn how we can learn and actually create a life without regret. I’ll take you through some processes, so be warned if you’re coming with me you will need to have nothing that needs your attention and if you really want to make this change a notebook and something to write with. Don’t worry it’s fun, uses simplicity (remember in simplicity there is genius) and if you’re prepared to do whatever it takes (and you wouldn’t be here if you aren’t) the results can be amazing.

As always, you can just listen and learn but knowledge without action, doing, is pretty, petty pointless so if you have what I believe you have, and I do believe in you or I wouldn’t be here nor would you, you will dive in and learn and use what you learn. Become the example of what can be done, an uncommon person in the group of uncommon people that earns their trident every day then share with selfless service. BOOM!!!!

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The Transcript – #215 Not regrets


Paul(I’m the unknown speaker :O))


Here’s your heads up to this, this podcast what it’s all about? Well, it starts off, a little bit down a little bit painful. There’s a theme, it’s been running, but it’s all about regrets. And then changing those regrets into success, to feeling good to having more fun than you can stand and creating the life you really want to live. And I go through the how to do it. where a lot of people don’t. That’s what we’re gonna do today. The how to get over those regrets and make a life. A life well-lived. Have a listen after this.


Unknown Speaker  0:45

Warning, warning, warning, warning.


Unknown Speaker  0:50

You are entering into the unplugged mind of Paul clough to late, personal development unplugged.


Unknown Speaker  1:01



Unknown Speaker  1:02

it’s Paul here. And before we start this longer podcast, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your time. I know there’s so much noise around here. So much noise, so many different things you could be doing, listening to. And you know, if you’ve been listening to me for more than one episode. That’s awesome. Thank you so much. If you’ve listened to one episode, thank you so much for that time. And if this is your first time, that’s just as awesome. I just appreciate your time, because time is valuable.


Unknown Speaker  1:34

And talking about time, I just want to go back into a little memory that I had. And it wasn’t sunny a few days ago, I was traveling to the gym before the gym closed down, because we’re back in lockdown again. And it was national radio. And they were doing like this new year’s resolution type stuff, which you know, I don’t do. But they were talking and this is what really pleased me. They were talking about something that we talked about over six months ago. And it was all about what have you done today to make yourself proud – you remember that song? We played it? But the thing is, they didn’t flip it like we did. Because we flipped it in. Instead of looking back over the past. What we said was, what would happen if you woke up and said to yourself, what can I do today to make myself proud? And they didn’t do that. So I’m so pleased that one thing we were ahead of the game. And secondly, we did it better. I’m so pleased. So again, you might just want to go back to that I couldn’t find what number it was. But it’s a it’s an FMQ. And it’s all about what did you do today to make yourself proud? What can you do today? To make yourself proud? What will you do to make yourself proud? Anyway, having said all that, about being


Unknown Speaker  2:53



Unknown Speaker  2:54

What do you regret not doing? we talk about a little bit of pain, but you see, I heard you rarely regret something that you’ve done. Now, when I heard that I took a little bit of exception, but the word is rarely, you know, if you think about doing something, and you have an intention, a good intention, and maybe it works out or doesn’t work out. But with that good intention, you rarely regret having done it.


Unknown Speaker  3:23

The only things we tend to regret as exceptions, you know, they’re the ones where maybe we didn’t think. And on that rare exception, we did something that we regretted. And the thing is, if we didn’t learn from those things, then that regret will stay. And we have to probably end up as an issue, and then we’ll have to work back to it. But if we learn from them, then it’s done, that little bit of regret has done its job, hasn’t it?


Unknown Speaker  3:54



Unknown Speaker  3:56

just think for a moment. See, I thought about this. I wanted to take a little bit of time, a little bit of time. I don’t want to rush this. Just have a conversation really. You see I wanted to share some personal stuff with me. So then you can share some personal stuff with yourself. So I thought to myself, What do I do? What What do I regret? Because I make these lists for myself? The things I haven’t done. I’ve even got a thing to do my to do list to tie up the things I haven’t still done. But one of my regrets is really, I know you’re not going to believe this. But I’ve got some grandchildren. You know, I know Paul! Cloughie! you’re not old enough to have grandchild are you’re not have children? But I got three, three children and three grandchildren. And my regret is because I live such a long way away from them. Well, in British terms, it’s three hours an hour in America. That’s just a that’s a hop, skip and a jump isn’t it? It is. And then I thought to myself, that’s bullshit. Sorry, that’s BS. Because that’s not that far. And then we’ve got the pandemic, you know, and so that’s an excuse, isn’t it? And that’s what it is. It’s an excuse, it’s not a reason.


Unknown Speaker  5:17

And I’ve got my cause and effect thing. I’m not at cause there, I’m giving the the BS result. So, when I think about that, that regret, you know, just not seeing them more often, or as often as I could, not I should, as I could. Guess how that makes me feel. I think maybe you can tell a little bit my voice. I’m trying to be upbeat. But when I thou ght about it, you know, I just didn’t feel good. I didn’t feel like the granddad I should be – there’s a should. While the granddad I want to be. But there you go. Cuz you see, I didn’t know my granddad. Well, I had two, we all have two don’t me I guess. One I didn’t know because he died. And the other one, I used to spend so much time with him. And guess what? He lived bloody miles away. But he would come all the way down to Cambridge in the UK. Take me back up to Yorkshire, where I was born, on the farm, and I would stay the whole summer holidays with him and me Nan.


Unknown Speaker  6:23

And that’s what he did.


Unknown Speaker  6:27

And I’m thinking this was a few years ago. And it was like eight hours for him to come in his car because he drove so bloodyslowly. And then eight hours  back because he drove so …….. but he never had a traffic jam in front of him . Loads behind but not in front, bless him.


Unknown Speaker  6:45

And I think – Damn!


Unknown Speaker  6:47

M aybe well, not maybe. That’s something I’ve got to do. There’s other stuff on my list as well.


Unknown Speaker  6:56

You see, a little while ago, I actually made a list of the things that I’d started. Not a complete list. But I told you about in the beginning.


Unknown Speaker  7:05

And the aim was to close them out. I made that list. But guess what? I didn’t complete the bloody thing about completing the list and completing and


Unknown Speaker  7:17

closing them down. How does that make me feel? Well, failure, I guess. But I know there’s no such thing as failure as any feedback. Now I’m thinking about it there is feedback


Unknown Speaker  7:29

There’s only going to be


Unknown Speaker  7:30

two things. One is I’m either going to do it or I don’t. But it’s the not attempting it, I guess, makes me feel ……. just didn’t make me feel good, especially when I know on my weekly diary, I always like to sit on a Sunday afternoon and think what I’m going to do in the week, and I put down – go to the Closeout list.


Unknown Speaker  7:49

At the end of the week, I’m looking at it and I’m going you didn’t do that Cloughie did you? And I can skip it because there’s loads of excuses. Well I was doing this, I didn’t do that. And I forgot about it. And again, they’re just reasons and excuses.


Unknown Speaker  8:05

And it doesn’t feel good.


Unknown Speaker  8:07

And it feels to me.


Unknown Speaker  8:10

There’s a down feeling, there’s a hollow feeling. right in the pit my stomach. I know I can, I know could have done. I’ve got that ”wisha’ I ‘wisha’ I had done something. The list is there. And on there. There’s things that I just know, would be really good for me. There’s things, I mean, I even tried to close it out a little while ago. Part of it was I want to get back into art. And I’ve enrolled on an online art class. I’ve seen the first two, two little bits, but I haven’t really got into it yet. But the thing is when I did it, and just watching it, I got inspired but not inspired enough did you Cloughie? No, I didn’t. And that’s what, I think disappointed that’s the word, disappointed in me.


Unknown Speaker  8:55

And when I think of the things I talk about here, then I got to do something about it. I’m going to do something about it. When I think about those people that inspire me, the David Goggins of this world, the Joe Rogan’s of this world, the Jocko Wilikins in this world. I gotta go and say, I’m going to change this. I’m going to change this. But how?


Unknown Speaker  9:18

And here’s the thing. I’m going to tell you how. Because we’re going to hopefully do this together because I’m going to guess if you’re like me, you’ve probably got some things that you regret, regret not doing, regret not finishing, regret not starting maybe. So those things that they are the private things of mine.


Unknown Speaker  9:42

But what about you?


Unknown Speaker  9:44

What about you, what goals have you set yourself? and are yet to do them?


Unknown Speaker  9:51

Now the worst part about setting a goal for a start is – you have to admit you haven’t even  got it. Up until this point in your life you haven’t got that goal. Now, sometimes the goal could be well, I’m working towards it. So this is added to my previous goals, which I have done. So yay, makes me feel good. I’m moving forward. But even so, you look back and say I could have done them earlier, maybe there’s a little regret there. And sometimes that little regret just pulls you back a little bit.


Unknown Speaker  10:20

So I want you to think for a moment, and maybe just acknowledge that there are things that we haven’t done yet.


Unknown Speaker  10:32

And it can be a bummer. It was to me.


Unknown Speaker  10:36

And then you’re gonna say to me, Hey, Cloughie, there’s a lot of pain again, because there’s a theme in these bloody episodes. I keep swearing, I do apologize. There’s a theme in these bloody podcasts you keep doing. And there’s pain. I just hope there’s a bit of pleasure coming.


Unknown Speaker  10:53

There is, there’s oodles of pleasure for you, I promise you, there’s oodles of pleasure. So stay with me.


Unknown Speaker  11:01

So think about those things that you’ve regretted. What I want you to do if, are you gonna come with me on this.? So again, it’s one of those things, we’re going to do a sort of process, visualization, not hypnosis. But I want you to learn from this. So if you’re happy to come along with me, make sure you’re not using the old farm machinery, or whatever it is, driving a car, anything that needs your attention, just put it out of the way. We need a quiet place, if not bookmark this. Listen to it, if you want, just don’t go into the visualizations, and just bookmark it. Notice a time and then come back.


Unknown Speaker  11:37

Okay. Let’s assume you’re already for me. So this is your time. Now you can do this with eyes open. But I suggest eyes closed, You have a choice but sometimes when we leave our eyes open, we get distracted. I know I do. Because I’ll be like dimming my eyes a little bit, and then something will come into view. So I like to close my eyes, take a deep breath. Just let it go, Haaaaaa And relax.


Unknown Speaker  12:10

And now I want you to just recall, recall, one of those things, one of those things that you’ve regretted not doing. Maybe not completing. And we’re going to do these one at a time. Why one at a time Cloughie? Well, if we do them all together, we just get jumbled up. So just pick one, you can always come back and do the other one. And the other one. And the other one. I’m sure. If you’re like me,


Unknown Speaker  12:41

there’s more than one. So just take a moment. And consider and bring to mind one of those things that you haven’t done. And as you bring it to mind. Just notice what you you’re seeing with the inner picture. What are you hearing? Maybe there’s an internal voice. Maybe there’s a smell or taste attached to this, this thing? And how does it make you feel? And just notice it, there’s not a big thing. This is just to notice. Because I want your unconscious mind to notice. There is a bit of pain. But it’s a weird sort of pain. Because there’s one thing about this pain you can let it go. So now stop, open your eyes. Give a little shake, blink, say your name backwards.


Unknown Speaker  13:54

And now close your eyes again. Deep breath. Let it go. Now, imagine there’s another you, out there, over there. And they’re doing that thing. That thing that you didn’t do, they’re actually doing it over there. Just the way, the very best way you can imagine it. See that you over there, the way they walk, the way they’re talking? Imagine what they are hearing, that internal voice. What pictures are they making in their mind, just imagine it over there. And even from over here, you get that good feeling.


Unknown Speaker  14:38

Make that picture of them over there just a little bit bigger, maybe a little bit brighter because they’re doing such a good job. Maybe they’re talking to you, telling you how good they feel, how good it is to get this thing done or to be doing this thing. And as you do that in your mind, just flow, flow into that you and become associated into this future you and feel it. See what you see, hear what you’re hearing and feel these wonderful feelings and say “this or something better”. And as you do that just float back into your body and just notice. Make a decision. Is this still something you want to do? Because if it isn’t, we can strike it. So open your eyes. If and if you haven’t already, open your eyes and just decide, is this really something that’s going to give you fulfillment? a really good feeling? Is it going to give you an opportunity to do better things? Is it a step along the way?


Unknown Speaker  15:37

Because there are some things that when we think about it, maybe it’s something that other people think we should be doing, or you’ve heard it on the radio or a podcast or something. And people are saying this is what you do. Go for gold, live Your Passion, do your dream, stop your work, just carry on.


Unknown Speaker  15:56

If this is something, that when you imagine it over there, and you’re there, and you go, Well, actually, it’s not as good as I thought then strike it. But if it’s something you’re gonna want to do, feel that feeling. And this is the start of your why, This  is the why you do need, you do want. Because it’s that feeling, the feeling of doing that thing, making a difference, make a difference to you. Because when you’re doing it, it will be creating, well, you’ll be back at the cause, the cause side of the equation, C is greater than the E, the cause is greater than the effect. No more excuses, no more reasons, because you’ve got that feeling.


Unknown Speaker  16:40

But anyway, we’re going to get there shortly, even more. But if you wanted to just think about it. What, maybe there’s another thing, maybe there’s another time, let’s just do one more. Let’s just do one more. So you get into, well, good practice. So your eyes are open, you think, hang on a minute, let’s just think of one more of those things, something, maybe it’s something that you haven’t quite completed, or something you wanted to start, something that has that little tinge of regret. When you think about it’s been waiting on the shelf for you.


Unknown Speaker  17:19

Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Let it go.


Unknown Speaker  17:26

Again, see that you over there. But you in the future, either having completed it, or doing it, right in the middle of it. See the people around them, how it’s affecting other people, and see how that effect on other people is affecting that you over there. Notice that you over there, the way they walk, if you can hear their voice? How would it sound?


Unknown Speaker  17:55

How bright or cheerful? Maybe how focused? Notice the physiology, notice how they move their body, how confident they look. And then just for a moment, flow into that you. And as you float into that you over there, notice what the pictures you make in your mind, right now, doing this thing, or having done it. Hear their voice? hear your voice, on the outside and on the inside. The smell? and the taste? and notice that feeling? Is it the same as the last one? Or is it a different feeling? It may be just slightly different. This feeling of the wish fulfilled. And just notice again, notice that feeling. And as you notice everything about this, come back into you where you are. And as you come back into you, open your eyes and opening your eyes just look around, shake a little bit


Unknown Speaker  18:58

and decide is this something that you want to do, to continue to do? Is it something you want to strike it or maybe, just park it, deliberately park it, make a decision to park it.


Unknown Speaker  19:14

Or maybe


Unknown Speaker  19:17

it’s not quite what you expected? And you could make it even better. Now you’ve had that experience. You want a different? What could you add to it to make it even better make it even stronger?


Unknown Speaker  19:30

There you go.


Unknown Speaker  19:34

So if you’re like me, as I said, you’ll probably have a few more.


Unknown Speaker  19:40

And if you want


Unknown Speaker  19:43

I could record what we’ve just done, as a separate hypnosis track with a little bit of hypnosis, so we can go deep. Well, have that connection with your unconscious mind. So your unconscious mind really understands that feeling too. Understands the feeling of the wish fulfilled. understands what you want.


Unknown Speaker  20:01

If you want that


Unknown Speaker  20:04

Hey, get in touch with me. Email me. feedback@personaldevelopmentunplugged.com. I’ll answer you. And if there’s enough of people who want it recorded. I’ll do one, we’ll put it up on the hypnosis part of the website. Okay. Where’d you get that from? I’ll tell you about that


Unknown Speaker  20:25

right now.


Unknown Speaker  20:30

So the 90 seconds of hypnosis tracks. Why put hypnosis tracks on a separate website? Well, it’s so simple, really, I wanted you to have them all in one place. So you can look through them all, You can find the particular one you want. I’ve even made them downloadable. So you can put them on any of your playing devices that you prefer, you don’t need Wi Fi. You don’t need the iTunes or whatever. You can put them any way you like. You can even burn them onto a disk if you want.


Unknown Speaker  20:59

Where’d you get them? Well, there you go. I told you, it’s paulcloughonline.com/podcast. If you’re worried about your email address, please don’t be because they stay totally safe with me, I only use them to send you out that email and give you access. Simple as that I send you a link, a special link. So you, only you, can access those hypnosis tracks because I want them just for you. And the other thing about this is, you’ve taken responsibility, I don’t want to make these open to everyone just random. You have taken responsibility to listen and be part of this community of personal development. And I want to help you, I want to help you personally, to get your dreams, your goals. And therefore I’m giving you these tools, these protocols, these paradigms, whatever you want to call them. But in deep hypnosis, so just enjoy, have more fun than you stand with hypnosis.


Unknown Speaker  21:59

Thanks for listening to that. But let’s get back into this. Now, one thing that we have to do and it is a have, and it is a should.


Unknown Speaker  22:11

You have to write these things down, draw them out, cut them out in pictures, make them into, you know, like a ransom letter. Letter. That’s what people used to say like a vision board was when you put those words on. Maybe you could record it on your phone. But I do like writing them down. write these things down. Because when you write them down and give a little description of what your your why’s, why is it, why is this important to you, and you get that feeling again. But then you can maybe record it, then you can maybe do that little vision board or finding a picture that really motivates you, something that when you or maybe a word, one word that when you say that word, it’s like an auditory anchor, and brings you back into that -That why.Why is this important to you? And that feeling of the wish fulfilled?


Unknown Speaker  23:05

You see, then when you do all of this, we have to start. And I think that’s been my problem. Well, I’ve started things and not finished them or somethings that hadn’t started and I want to. And I think that’s been my problem. Like I thought about this, because it was creating these regrets. And yes, I made those excuses. But I’m not going to now.


Unknown Speaker  23:32

And I thought to myself, How the hell? Or how the bloomin’ in heck could we do this? I’ve written down the subject matter, talked, talked to my mind and written it down in my journal about the whys and what difference it will make to me and why is it important to me. And I get that good feeling. And then I thought to myself, well, what’s happened between then and not doing it? And it came to me, a little aha moment, I’d made the things too big, the steps that is, and I think we all forget, but we’ll do this, I think that’s where we run out of steam because we get overwhelmed because we go so what I’ve got to do is this, and this and this and this, and I got to do that. And I’ve got to find this and people got to go ……….. Whoa! hat’s so much.


Unknown Speaker  24:25

And that feeling of the wish fulfilled just goes and disappears. And that’s what wishes tend to do. If you don’t make them into solid things, to goals or dreams and outcomes. They go, they just disappear.


Unknown Speaker  24:42

So we’ve written them down, that’s the first thing. They are not going to disappear now. And then we have to think, well, what’s the first thing that we can do? And that’s baby steps. We’ve talked about it so many times, everyone talks about it. They don’t like the word baby steps but that’s what they are, they’re little steps if you want, or you can go likkle. But they are baby steps.


Unknown Speaker  25:07

But the thing is, even before the baby steps, there’s one thing we need to think about. What’s that Cloughie? Well, you know, I’m going to tell you. First of all, as you just, before you start thinking of the baby steps, and you can even do this before you write things down, I think you ought to, because it’s the thing I talked about so many times before, before you do anything.


Unknown Speaker  25:31

I want you to think of your intention. And your intention is really coming from that, why? And what is going to get to you, what is it gonna get for you? and what’s the feeling, you’re going to have a feeling of the wish fulfilled? and think, what state Do I need to be in? First of all, write this down, but what now we’ve changed it to what to think about baby steps, what would be the most appropriate state to be in. And that could be just curiousity. It could be focus, it could be determination, could be commitment, because that’s where we’re going to come from, or go to. You see.


Unknown Speaker  26:15

As we are setting our intention, we’ve got our state, we’ve got that feeling of the wish fulfilled. We’re gonna think about those baby steps. And as we think and write down the baby steps along the way, so we’ve got like a timeline. Some people call them milestones and things to do, make sure they they are really small, you can always do more than one. But you got to do one small one first and make, make progress, get a good feeling that you’re making progress,  that you are doing things you’re, you know, these are Baby Steps to Success. And every step is a success.


Unknown Speaker  26:49

And then as you look at that, you have to


Unknown Speaker  26:52

Well, I made a note here, this is not rocket science, you have to make a commitment. And that’s okay, yeah, I’m committed to this. But then you have to schedule it. Because if you don’t schedule it, and put it in your diary, this is, I’m going to do that this week, I’m going to do it on this day, that evening. And you mark down and write down those baby steps. And just before you do the baby step, you set that state, that intention, maybe have a look at that why, again, that feeling of the wish fulfilled, and at the end of the week, you have to be honest and review your progress. Was there a reason why you didn’t get, a genuine reason, maybe something came up that you couldn’t have foreseen and you had to deal with it, it was more important, that’s fine.


Unknown Speaker  27:37

We just have to re-commit andreview. And then we commit and schedule the next baby step or steps. It’s called rinse and repeat. As I said, it’s not rocket science. But when you do this, here’s the guarantee, I’ll give you a little Cloughie guarantee. There’ll be no more a wish I’d.


Unknown Speaker  27:57

There will be no more regret,


Unknown Speaker  28:01

Thre will just be decisions and choices. And you’ll be the one making the decisions, you’ll be the one who’s making those choices, you’ll be the one responsible, you’ll be the one at cause.


Unknown Speaker  28:13

That’s all we have to do.


Unknown Speaker  28:15

I mean, you could even use the processes from pain and pleasure, the longer podcast to visualize the future you, having, having got the results or already doing – which is similar to what we’ve just done, but it goes into more detail. And then writing, writing down what you’re going to do, what your commitments are. You know, this could be a commitment, and you could actually just write down, I commit to doing this by x y Zed. Now, some people will say, well commit to other people. Well, sometimes I sort of agree with that. But most of the time, this is your world, your choice. And if you need to have someone that you can let down, okay, fine. I mean, with me with my grandchildren, if I’m going to do something, I’ve now got to say to them, I’m going to start doing this for you


Unknown Speaker  29:09

or to their mom and dad.


Unknown Speaker  29:11

I’m going to be doing this. And this is what I’m going to do. Then I’ve got to hold myself responsible for that. But that’s the only thing, you have to make yourself responsible. And one of the things that what brought this back to mind is and I think it was the FMQ about holding yourself responsible. I can’t remember what number it is if you go to cast box and put something like accountable but it’s all about the navy seals. The Navy SEAL’s little motto, which I think is awesome. earning your Trident every day. You don’t have to be a navy seal to wake up in the morning and say I’ve got my Trident. I’ve got to do the things I’ve committed to, I’ve got to hold myself accountable. Because when you hold yourself accountable, and you do the work, you’re committed, and you get those results. Regrets, as I say in the Navy Seals are no longer recognized. They’re not part of this. Because all there will be are the things that you want. Well, the things what you’ve set yourself to be. And that’s it.


Unknown Speaker  30:29

Now this all I started off  in my meta notes was, let’s just tidy up the past. Then I thought, well, tidying up the past, but let’s make this a habit of just tidying up being responsible, earning our Trident.


Unknown Speaker  30:47

I thought, Well, again,


Unknown Speaker  30:50

this is the type of thing that when we look at those things, we either do them or we just forget them, Park them, put them out of the way, because we’re not going to do them. Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s not that important. Out the window.


Unknown Speaker  31:03

But if it is important, and I want you to feel that you have a, let’s do it, it’s okay, I’m going to do it. I’m going to do this, I’m going to commit, I am going to earn my Trident on every part of this thing, and I will have no regrets.


Unknown Speaker  31:19

What will I have instead, then I’ll probably have confidence, I’ll have that feeling of success, I’ll have opportunities, all because I decided. Now that’s an awesome thing to feel.


Unknown Speaker  31:33

And you see, when you do this, do this type of thing. And you have it as a habit. Because it will grow into a habit. You’ll start to decide to do things, you’ll start to create those baby steps, you’ll understand the why automatically, why is this important to me? to you? to me? You’ll probably see yourself out there doing it. So you get that feeling you’ll test it, because that’s what we do here. Make sure it’s exactly what we want. And then you’ll start doing it and what’s going to happen. No more I wish I’d, no more regrets.


Unknown Speaker  32:08



Unknown Speaker  32:10

All just coming from a little bit about  – what can I do today to make myself feel proud? And again, it’s like a, well, this is very secular? circular,?


Unknown Speaker  32:28

comes in circles, spirals, whatever you like to call it. But all these podcast episodes are in some way linked, they have to be. And again, as I tell you, this is my sharing of the notes that I make for myself, the things that I’m not doing that I’m going to, do the processes, I know that will make a difference. And they will make a difference.


Unknown Speaker  32:54

All you have to do is sit down for a spell and make change happen. Because change works. And it’s awesome. When you get that. And you will get that. I want to know what you did, how it changed your life. What happened on those reviews? What did you start to do differently? What was it like to be different? Right now, forever, creating the world that you want to live in, creating the you that you want to be and inadvertently affect everyone around you. Being an example of what is totally possible, being that uncommon person within a group of uncommon people. To show that this is doable.


Unknown Speaker  33:48

It’s not rocket science. I’m not an extraordinary person. I’m just a person doing extraordinary things because we all can. And the only limit as I tell you is your imagination. And guess what? we all know that is limitless.


Unknown Speaker  34:06

This is pure potentiality The only thing we have to do is commit to use it.


Unknown Speaker  34:13

So I’ll be reminding me, which will be reminding you to do these things more often.


Unknown Speaker  34:19

I hope you enjoyed this conversation and I hope you like doing the processes in the episodes. As I said if you want to have them recorded as a hypnosis practice, let me know. And I do. I’ve got to the point now where I do the things that you want, but we need to do this together. And then we can go from there. Remember, there’s that thing about if you want to help support this podcast, there’s buy me a cup of coffee, just go to buymecoffee.com/PDU or just send me an email and say


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Unknown Speaker  35:01

because that’s a good, good way to pay it forward to and share, share this episode share what you learn from this. Because when we get to the integrated field of learning, and that’s why I asked you to share it with me, because when you share it with me, I can share it to other people, obviously anonymous. But the thing is, when we share these things, my son has this wonderful mind mastery program. That’s not a plug for him. What it is, is also part of it is we do celebrations we do webinars, I think it’s four a month and things like that. I do two. He does, two. There’s also a Facebook page. And we ask people to celebrate what they’ve done, what they’ve achieved, what what is their aha moments, what have they learned? What are they changing, because when they do that, they get so much support from other people saying brilliant, keep doing it, keep doing it. But we know that those seeds go into their mind, into their neurology, into their synaptic gaps, they start firing and wiring together. And it may not be the same thing. But it encourages people and motivates people to to just do that stuff. So if you could do that, let me know. I’m even on Facebook, you just look me up,Paul Clough, it’s just open. And you’ll see my face. So you can always string me a line there. Or you can come on the Twitter’s @pcloughie. But you can find me everywhere. But send me some notes and email. Emails are best because I get to think about things and we can create really good stuff.


Unknown Speaker  36:50

Every episode we’re gonna do more and more and more and more. So again, as I started off this podcast, thank you so much for your time. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share. Well, my regrets, but also my processes


Unknown Speaker  37:11

and the how’s to make our lives better, richer in every possible way. And a life well lived and well living. Until next time, my friend. I’ll speak to you real soon. Bye Bye now.


Unknown Speaker  37:29

If you’re suffering from things like anger, excessive anger in your life, too much sadness, sadness that keeps recurring and recurring fear, fear of anything, or just grieving too much about loss. Maybe you’re jealous. Maybe your self confidence isn’t? Well, it’s never high enough. Or like your self esteem that’s never high enough. And it should be. And you shouldn’t have to suffer through anger, sadness, fear, grief, jealousy. Do you know what? I’m thought about this for a little while. But why don’t you come and work with me. Because I’ve told you before that I work online, I do coaching I do therapy online, but I’ve never really thought about offering it directly to you. So why not? Don’t listen to other people say when they say things take such a long time, because they don’t. Two, three sessions is generally all that’s needed to get rid of the some of the biggest problems in in people’s lives. I see it day in day out with my clients. So that’s something you can set up. Because I do know, I do know this, that we always put things off. We put things off, and then we’ll go to that bit or go out If only I did. So here’s the thing. Imagine that putting off has gone by and you’ve decided to send me an email, an email, at feedback at personal development, unplugged calm. So I’ve got this issue. I’d like to work with you. And here’s my telephone number. Here’s my email address. And here’s what would happen is we’re getting contact over over the internet online, we do an initial consultation, doesn’t take very long to make sure that we’re a good fit, and make sure you’re really comfortable with me. And now you listen to me a lot. But you really want to see the whites of my eyes. And let me explain how we work together. And if that is right, and it’s right for you, I want to make sure it’s right for you. And I work with just anybody and everybody, only the people who I feel I can really help. Then we’ll organize two or three sessions to get the thing sorted. Okay, so why not send me that email now I don’t think any longer stop.


Unknown Speaker  39:51

Get online.


Unknown Speaker  39:53

Give me an email. Let’s do some work together. If you really are interested in making Deep changes. I really always suggest one to one. Yes, it’s personal development unplugged podcast gives you all the tools. But let’s get rid of the deep underlying issues. So you can really make use of all the tools here. Anyway, that’s enough for me. If you want it, and you want to let go that stuff really quickly, and you like me. You’d like to work with me? Then send me that email. If it’s not for you, that’s fine. Just keep listening and keep sharing. Okay. Anyway, I’ll hear from you real soon. And see you now. Well, I hope you enjoyed that podcast. Because this is me, Paul Clough from personal development unplugged, where I’m just trying to deconstruct as I call it deconstruct the complicated, so we can make life easy. And Richard, so our return on the FM investment that we put in is magnificent. And you can have fun doing it. That’s the main thing, have fun and getting better each time. So if you enjoyed this episode, or any other episode, very first thing I’d love you to do, would be the platform and share it with anybody and everyone you know, wouldn’t be fun. If you just sent it to everyone you knew it would be fun, because that’s why I have this integrated field of learning, where we just share everything we know, someone will get the golden nuggets, they will and their life will change. And you’ll be the cause of their life changing. That’ll be awesome. Secondly, if you could just subscribe because subscribe buttons do help. They help you to get the episodes on your platform of choice, when they come out. No problems, you have to think about it. If they come. That’d be awesome. Because that helps with just the rankings in all those platforms. But also, if you could, if you ever get a chance, maybe just a little review, sticker. Hopefully it would be a five star review if you’re putting a review up. But a nice review would be good. Again, that helps the ratings which means if people get to see it, because it’s been rated better. That means they’ve got a chance to to take the little golden nuggets that you would have shown and shared and they get to get better. And then all of that we’re doing two wonderful things. One is we’re doing things are good for you. They’re good for others, and good for that well planet Earth. Secondly, believing everybody and everything in a better place than when we first met and that enclosed little opening. Okay. Anyway, until next time, enjoy every half. Bye bye.


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