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FMQ 430 Dealing With The Past – Simply

Dealing With The Past – Simply Let’s take 5 minutes or so to think about memories, those ones from the past – do they really exist, does the past really exist, and if so where? And I know we have been here before, in the past, and that no longer exists – does it And…

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#355 Emotional Pain – Hogwash

Emotional pain doesn’t exist – Whoa Cloughie! I hear you think -WHAT!!!!! But I feel the pain of grief, anxiety, fear, and well you fill in the blank.

You have to come with me on this to explore the what and the why I’m saying this because once you get it you get to control it, learn from it, and that not emotional pain disappears.

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FMQ391 Is Anxiety Just A Pattern?

Your anxiety is doing something positive for you even if it doesn’t feel nice. Change the behavior and keep the intention and BOOM! you will find that old anxiety just fades away.

Join me for a 5-Minute QUickie episode of the Personal Unplugged podcast and muse with me   ‘O)

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# 293 Change A Bad Feeling In Less Than A Minute

One reason I do this with my clients is to show them that they have control of their emotions, which we all forget some time or another. AND we don’t need to suffer feeling bad when there is a better way to feel good and safe. Your unconscious mind wants you to feel safe and comfortable and we will help it to do just that.

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# 215 No Regrets

“We rarely regret doing something or something you have done”

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#178 Letting Go of Pain – Emotional & Physical

Rumi: These pains you are feeling are messengers
Listen to them

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FMQ 211 Let’s hang on to what we got

I want to share some thoughts of letting go of what we keep on hanging onto. You know those old feelings that we seem to have had for bloomin’ ages.

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#110 THE SECRET _ Choosing how you want to feel

you have to wait for those things to change before you can and the question I ask is – HOW LONG ARE YOU PREPARED TO WAIT?

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