#398 Mental Health – It’s All In The Mind

Mental Health – It’s All In The Mind

Let’s take control

In this thought-provoking episode, we delve deep into the realm of mental health, exploring the nuances of anxiety and fear. This episode is designed to challenge those who may be stuck in a cycle of anxiety and victim-hood, while offering genuine solutions for those who are ready to take control and make a change.

I address:

  • The difference between genuine anxiety and those who use it as an excuse.
  • How to break free from the cycle of fear and anxiety.
  • The importance of not wallowing in past traumas and instead focusing on the present and future.

Through personal anecdotes and practical advice, you’ll discover:

  • Why acknowledging your fears is the first step to overcoming them.
  • How to visualize a positive future and use that vision to propel yourself forward.
  • The power of small, actionable steps in transforming your mental health.

I’ll also emphasize the importance of seeking one-on-one help if needed and offer resources like my 65 NLP and hypnosis tracks to assist you on your journey.

Join me as we explore how to reclaim your mental health and become the person you truly want to be. Remember, it’s all in the mind, and with the right mindset and tools, you can overcome any obstacle.

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And the transcript WARNING if you’re a lover of the written word this may make you frustrated, or angry – you have been warned – is it an ‘ism

This episode is about mental health. Have a listen after this


Hey, what’s this longer podcast about mental health. It’s in the mind. Well, for one thing, it might upset a few people. Those are the ones who claim to be the victim of fear and anxiety and get other people to run around with them years and years and years and years, and everything’s against them. It’s also for the people who genuinely fear, have, ah, fear of anxieties and how we can get rid of it. Okay? Because it’s all, in the mind. If it’s in the mind, we can change it. Have a listen after this.


Hey, my friends, this is about mental health. This episode is about mental health. And it’s all in the mind. And it may, it may just upset some people. And if it does upset some people, then good, because they might just change their bloody mind. Because I see, I see genuine, genuine anxiety. People having real fear and doing something about it. And my hat goes off to them. I, support them in everything they do. But I also see people who want to be a, victim of bloody anxiety. They love it, they wear it with a badge of pride. I hear of people being off work for a year because of anxiety. Bloody year. What have you done in that year to relieve yourself of anxiety and get yourself into a comfortable, proper place? Because it doesn’t take a bloody year to fix anxiety unless you wallow in it or you use it as a badge, an excuse. And I think there are people who do that. I think we’ve all heard about them, read about them, and I really question that, and I hope you do too. So if this offends you or offends some people, I don’t think it’ll offend you because you’re listening. And we’re going to go into this really deeply. I don’t know what to do about it because you don’t have to, you don’t have to live in those dark times. We’ve all had dark times. Well, I know I’ve had dark times, real ones. And they’re the pits. They ache. You constantly keep thinking and thinking and thinking. You’ve got that worry going on. You, you just keep mulling over. It’s in a loop. The sounds and the. You make up voices. It feels terrible. You even smell and taste everything that’s likely to go wrong. But the thing is, it goes, it goes, those immortal words. This too will pass, because everyone who’s had a bad time, but generally everyone can look back and go, well, it was a bad time then, but I’ve got over it. I’m sure if you look back now, you’ve had some bad times, but you’re here now. Sometimes you have to deal with those bad times a little bit more because they haven’t quite gone. The echo is still there. And that’s what we’re here for in personal development, unplugged to give you strategies, processes to help that. And for some, for some, those dark times, those anxious times, those unconfident, fearful times can be their greatest story. And yes, you could use that if you wanted to. And if you wanted to, there is a case for exploring, exploring that darkness. Because when you explore it, you get to understand the light, but m you explore it at a distance, you don’t let it go back there again and relive the sun again. What’s the point of doing that if you do that? Reliving it as you were in the past back there again, seeing what you saw here and what you heard. Yeah, just feeling it again and just reinforcing it. And that’s balls. But if you can look at it at a distance, which is what we do in hypnosis, get your unconscious mind to look at that, that event at a distance, to learn from it, to shed light upon it. And, when the light comes, you can see what you need to learn to, because that’s all it is. You need to learn. But the main thing is it doesn’t take long. Talked about that so many times and I’ve talked about how long does it take? Does it take years and years and years of therapy? Oh, forgive me, a break, for goodness sake. You see, when you do that, when you take years and years and years and years and years, and I’ve talked about it, I think at least three times in the past. That is living in the past. It’s spending time reliving the past. It’s looking bloody backwards all the time. and if you’re looking backwards all the time, which direction are you going to go? Well, it ain’t bloody forwards, is it? It’s not even stationary. Because you’re looking backwards, you’re reliving all that crap, that shit, that horribleness. We don’t need to. We can very sensibly acknowledge how bad it was. How bad it was. And when you do that and when you start thinking about those anxiety daydreams that you have, when you’re making up scenarios, if you’re going to make up scenarios, just make it as it is no worse than it is, because that’s what we do. And I’m going to talk about this in another podcast, because I’ve got another podcast in mind that’s going to help you actually deal with your anxiety really quickly. And I’m going to do quite a number of those.



Hypnosis helps you visualize how you want your anxiety to be


I think I just wanted to have this thing about people living in their anxiety. You see, if you do acknowledge, only acknowledge how bad it is, or, how bad it was, then you can use that to know what the light would be. The opposite. What would the opposite look like? What would it sound like, what it would feel like, so, you know, what it was in the past, or how would you like it to be now? That if you’ve got the skill to make up a hundred million worse scenarios than it ever was and ever will be, you’ve got the skill, m to imagine, to visualize how you want it to be and pour light on that, give that the brightest light, how you want it to be. And when you do that, you will get that feeling of being prepared to do whatever it takes, because that’s all you need, that gumption. I love the word gumption. The gumption, the commitment, the resilience to do whatever it bloody takes. Because you’re in charge, you’re in control, you are there, right, right in the moment, and there’s no secondary gain, which, if you go back to those other examples, sort of examples I gave, there’s a load of secondary gain. Oh, look at me. I don’t have to work anymore. Everyone else has got to come rushing around me, and I’m not to blame. Everyone else is to blame. Oh, look, everybody does things for me because I’ve got anxiety. I’ve got mental health issues. There’s, so much bollocks, really is. I’m sorry for swearing, but it really is. No one should live with secondary gain because you’re making everyone else look after you. Stand up. Stand up. Look to be to the way you want it to be. Shine the light of the opposite. Might not be exactly the opposite, but start off with the opposite of how it was to how you want it to be and say to yourself, fuck em, I’ve got this. Remember, we’ve done a podcast on motherfuckitude, and that’s the type of attitude you want because you are now at. Cause you’re taking responsibility. Yeah, you might still have anxiety, obviously, you’ve still got anxiety about things, but you’ve now decided, yeah, my unconscious mind is trying to protect me by giving me all this fear, anxiety to really make me prepare and protect myself and things like that, but it’s overwhelming, and I’m not protecting myself. So when you visualize how you want it to be, you’re saying to, your unconscious mind, your best friend, not this, but that, or not that, but this. And the thing is, when you have those scenarios, those ones you’ve been making up, the worst of the worst of the worst, well, guess what? The worst hasn’t happened. And with a, very odd exception, especially in our, in normal, normal, normal, normal things, not the exceptional parts of the world, but normal, normal, normal, normal things, it’ll never happen because it’s just in your mind. And if you can picture the worst and exaggerate the worst, as I said before, you’ve got the skill. You’ve got a skill of visualization and an imagination, and no one can change that. No one can control that for you. So if no one controls your imagination but you, then picture what you want. So, but think about it. which would you rather choose to think about? The shit that’s not happened, that’s making you feel bad, or the stuff that you’d like to have and imagine doing it right now, which one would you choose? That was a little pause. That was a pause because I know which one you’re going to choose. But when you do that enough times, imagining, visualizing the way you want to be, it’s a great start. As I said, I’m going to do some more episodes on real processes. But that’s just one great start to tell your unconscious mind which one feels more comfortable, which one is safer. And that’s what it’s trying to do, is keep you safe. Well, it’s got to choose the safest, most comfortable option out of the two. All we have to do then, is find a few processes to help you get there. But that’s the first process. Who can help? Told you before in a number of podcasts, get one to one. If it’s really that bad, get one to one. Help. Go and see someone, preferably, in my opinion, a master hypnotist, someone who’s bloody good at hypnosis, who’s a master practitioner of NLP and timeline therapy. They will knock it out of the park for you, and they’ll do it quickly, and they’ll do it comfortably, and it’s easy and effortless. One small step at a time. But that would knock it out of the park. You’ve got some hypno here. Where’d you get that? I’m sure you know, but if you’re new here, we have 65 tracks of NLP and hypnosis processes, all on a separate webpage that you can access and download. All you got to do is go to paulcliffonline.com podcast and I’ll send you an access, an access code and off your toddle. And just pick one, because you’ll pick one and it will do something for you. It has to when you set the right intention. And that’s just one small step. And if you just take, if you imagine that picture of how you want to be instead of that other old crap, how you want to be, and said to yourself, how quick would I like to have this to happen? How could this be better? I’d suggest that you write those suckers down because when you write them down, you feel them. So how could this be better? Well, if I was more comfortable, it would feel like this and, I’d have to imagine and feel it. And if I was more aware or maybe I was more relaxed or maybe I was more control and you could feel it. And, when you feel all that stuff and you say, I suggest you write it down because it’s a good foundation, gets you to think, gets your unconscious mind attached to this new outcome to make you safe and, safer than it was. And then just decide if there was one. Stop. Well, I’ll say that again, if there was just one small step I could do right now. One small step. Maybe it should just breathe gently for 30 seconds. Five in, five out. Maybe box breathing. Breathe in for five. Hold for five. Breathe out for five. Hold for five. And just do that for a few moments. That’s one small step to centre your body, to get you just to relax, be in the moment. And then think of the following day. Next. One small step. And that’s all you have to start to do.



Two simple steps can help you get rid of anxiety


And I want to tell you now, tell you now, I expect you to stumble because we all do. We all with the best intentions. Sometimes we stumble. We try to do a little bit too big a step or maybe get confused, or when we do too many steps and we stumble, and all we have to say is, fuck it. I’m getting back on. I’m getting back up. Because, here’s the thing. Just say, I want me back, the real me, and I’m going to get my real me back. I’m going to do that. And when you do that, as I said before, you are taking control. You have become a cause. You are, now committed at cause to be the you you want to be. And that’s it. So decide who you want to be and what would you need to be there, and just keep thinking of that and then decide. You can decide one of two things. You can decide to wallow in that pity or shine in the light and shine a little light on that anxiety, that fear, a little more each day, because as you do that, it disappears. And if you want to know what it would feel like, imagine this. Imagine going to bed tonight to sleep. And this night you have such a wonderful, wonderful, deep sleep. And as you sleep deeply, a miracle happens overnight. Just imagine that. Now that you’ve gone to sleep and you’ve woken up in the morning and it’s such a wonderful, deep sleep, you’re so. I, feel so good. And you realize a miracle’s happened. What? Yeah, miracles happened. A, miracle’s happened that all those fears, that anxiety has disappeared. How would you feel and feel that now? Feel it and, throw and push it into the future and say, that’s what I want. That’s the way I’m going to feel. Really feel it. Imagine that every day. Imagine that before you go to sleep. And, keep making those small steps because you’ve got this, my friend. You really have got this. And as I say, I’ve already got in mind what the next episode will be, will be a real simple, I think it’s two simple processes to get rid of anxiety. So keep it like this. But I just want to get your mind totally fixated, as it were, focused on, now who you want to be, how you want to be in this world, how you want to enjoy things. Think of when you’re in that way, what it would be like, what it would be like for the people around you, what would it be like for planet Earth, what opportunities will you get? What experiences will you have, what adventures will you go on when you have all that, whatever you want. I hope my intention was to one thing, say, fuck it, I’m sorry about that. And to say to yourself, I’m gonna do this. I want me. I want the real me back. And I have to say, the reason I wrote that down is because that was what I wanted when I was in the dark time. And I decided I didn’t want the old me back because the old me was part of the problem. I wanted the real me, the real me with the values and all those wonderful skills and emotions and positive stuff, because I knew when I get that and got that, it’d be great. And the thing is, this is so important because no one else can bloody do it for you. So you can choose to be the victim or choose to be your own saviour, your own salvation, as it were, your own hero on your own hero’s journey. Because it’s not about where you’ve been and it’s not about where you are right now. It’s where and how you want to be. So I just want to tell you, you can do this. You can do this right now and you can keep doing it. And you can have and create that own reality where you are feeling absolutely wonderful with and doing all the things you want. And I know sometimes just, you know, in the past when you had that anxiety, you didn’t think it was true, but it is. You can do all of this. So I hope that my intention has filtered through to you just a little bit. Maybe it’s gone into your unconscious mind just a little bit to say, choose a better way. Choose a better way and start when? Now. That’s right now. I hope I didn’t offend you if I did. And that victim thing is there. Well, tough, because you can come onto this side. You can start taking responsibility for yourself and changing. Changing right now. Look forward to the next episode where there’s a couple of processes, but I do hope that this has done a little bit for you, give you that little bit of inspiration, that little bit of courage. I’ve got you back. I, know you can do this. And if you know of anybody else’s, you know, not anybody else, but if you know anybody who is suffering from anxieties and fears, please just share this episode with them or talk to them about it. Then let them find their way here so they, too can decide. Enough’s enough. I’m gonna find a good way. I’m gonna get my real self back. so please do share, you know, and if you haven’t pressed that subscribe button, why the hell not? Goodness me. Have fun with it. Only press it once. I think if you press it twice, you unsubscribe and that would be silly. But if you were to press it now, well, I think you might feel so good about that. Anyway, please do enjoy. Keep getting those five minute quickies in to give you something in the week, just to keep pushing you along, pulling you along, even have a look at the videos if you like. But please do send me some feedback, if you would. You know, if you are suffering from anxiety, if you are suffering from fear, just send me a little email feedbackersonaldevelopmentunplugged.com and I’ll see what I can do for you cause I might able to tailor a process because if you’re suffering, other people suffer from the same things. So please do send me that email. Just a short short email. Don’t need loads and loads of content, just the salient points, the key points of what you’re experiencing and how you would like to be. I need any more information, I’ll email you back anyway on that. I’ll email you back anyway. But if I might ask questions, you never know. It’ll be good. I’m quite friendly.



Paul Clough says it’s time to fly on your own


Okay, so here’s your friend. Hopefully you feel I’m your friend. I know you’re my friend. So have more fun than you can stand and go m fly, fly free right now.


Warning. You are now leaving the unplugged mind of Paul Clough. It’s time to fly on your own. Be brave my friend.


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