FMQ 200 Here’s some bad and some good advice

Some bad and some good advice

A five minute quickie podcast

Oh dear! experienced people saying things that they didn’t think through. In a nut shell these people were saying go to a therapist but make sure that therapist has experienced the issue you’re experiencing. They didn’t mean having experienced working with but to of actually have had the issue. What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me explain – Do I need to have experienced what my clients are experiencing? That’s what was being advocated by these ‘experienced’ people. So if that was right even though I know how to help manic depression/clinical depression I have to have experienced it myself? I have to fear every type of thing or do I need to know how to find the root cause and have the best and comfortable process to change that fear, let go of that fear.

I’ll explain more and hopefully give you advice to find the help you or one of your friend may need if you have an issue that is negatively affecting your life. It’s not a long podcast but I couldn’t let those comments go without some type of common sense being said. Well my common sense :O)

Shine brightly


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