FMQ 203 It doesn’t have to be this way

It doesn’t have to be this way

Sometimes things happen to make us feel down or negative – S**t happens. It can effect you and I in different ways because……………. You are unique and if you, like me, sometimes think “I’m the only person feeling this way”. You walk around see all those people who seem to be enjoying themselves and think this is so unfair – yet you wouldn’t wish this feeling on them but it feels isolating, alone.

Does it have to be this way – it seems that way and even some people tell us yes we have to go through it over a long period of time. These people have a wonderful intention but they are wrong – really so wrong.

How are they wrong – because you are unique and I know you have all the resources you need to move on and move on quicker so we can get on with loving the life we are living and living the life we love.

All you have to do is find those resources, on the inside and those on the outside, and take action knowing how you want to feel.

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Shine brightly


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