FMQ 232 The morning after


The morning after – A 5 minute podcast

What are the reactions that happen after some deep self work or working with a therapist? They’re always the same aren’t they?

The thing is generally it’s different for most people and sometimes different each time and that can worry some people because it’s not always what they expect. The saying ‘Expect the unexpected’ springs to mind

I wanted to take that concern away and share with you some ways I have reacted and ways some of my clients have too. And guess what ? they are all different.

I hope you both (not the both of you) enjoy and find this impromptu podcast beneficial and interesting. It was something that caught my thoughts and I decided to record it on the fly do to speak.

I’ll leave to rest to your ears – have fun

As always, do let me know your thoughts and maybe the ways you have been following some personal work. Please do this via the email

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Shine brightly


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