FMQ 234 What three quarter of a million people didn’t get

What three quarter of a million people didn’t get

And yes there’s a process recorded for you to use, download and create so many great things in your life.

Did you know some people don’t think they can visualize and don’t realise when they do? Some think it has to be in 20/20 vision and that can be so far from the truth – I will explain what I think the truth of the quality of your visualizations.

I’ll start with a little experiment so show you the power of visualizing and the effect it has on our emotions  – it’s such a great skill even if you think it’s too simple. Hey the old ‘In simplicity there is genius’ means we can use this skill in so many different ways, easily, comfortably and with great effect with so little effort.

The thing is this not ‘whoo whoo la la‘ it has a biological background too – the RAS the reticulating activating system

From a YouTube video with over 3/4 million watches  they missed the one thing that makes this skill work – what a shame  :O( and I couldn’t let it go. I had to let you know how to do this process with the knowing it’s going to be a success.

Because I felt so strongly that I didn’t want you to miss out I recorded the process so you can do it precisely in your comfort and ease. So sign up to HERE to get it

Shine brightly


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