FMQ 235 Careful what you listen to

Careful what you listen to

People can be really good hypnotists even when and especially when they haven’t been trained to be one.

You see sometimes a hypnotist will say one thing and slip in another thing which you don’t consciously notice but it goes in all the same.

You see I was listening to two people have a nice, deep and meaningful conversation and all was good then I noticed, because I have been trained to do so, heard a few words that just seemed so innocuous yet so powerful and they went in without being notices. You have to be so careful what you listen to or you may be infected by others beliefs which could be totally incorrect yet you may take them on uncritically.

This may seem really sinister but if you have a listen you’ll hear what was said and understand why I’m bringing it to your attention.


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Shine brightly


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