FMQ 236 When things go wrong

When things go wrong – A five minute quickie podcast

When things go wrong it’s amazing how we can generalize this into every thing we do or are doing and the effect can be disastrous!

So what happens, what do we do when something doesn’t go right or the way we want it? What do you say to yourself? What are those dis-empowering words we say and what emotions do the evoke? It all goes ‘reels of cotton’

Let’s go through some times in the past when we did that and learn so we can change the way respond and how that can effect our physiology.

You see changing the little things in out lives, changing simply things that generalize to other area of our lives can have a far greater effect than going for the ‘biggie’.

Let’s ask ourselves some different questions and notice it’s not that difficult – in fact it’s easier than you imagine.

Have a listen and enjoy. If you do remember it ‘s great to send in your feedback as it gets the results to sink in deeper and allows them to be shared and help so many others and that feel great too   :O)

Shine brightly


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