FMQ 260 From a voice to awesomeness

From a voice to awesomeness

I was reminded of a concept that I first encountered in my first NLP Practitioner training, again in my Trainers training and yet again in a Tim Ferriss podcast – you might recall FMQ 5 ‘The jar of awesomeness’.

This time it was by a guy called Marcus Buckingham and how children in New Zealand had taken this concept and called it a ‘Voice box’ or more specifically My Voice box. The effect on these children and their schooling is nothing less than remarkable or Awesome!!!!

And it’s a process you can use for yourself and others of any age. Go on you have to listen now :O)

It’s also nice to know that what happens here is not some wacky out there stuff but processess that really help us improve our lives and those of others.

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