FMQ 262 It’s good to know

It’s good to know

that what you’ve been doing is more than ok

A world champion that can cram 2 months of learning into one day! and my imposter syndrome all wrapped up in one episode! (too many exclamations there!)

There are times I guess when we all question ourselves “am I doing this right?” And for me I also add “I know what I do works for me and it should work for anyone else – You and my clients – but will it?”

Well  you may well feel the way I did when listening what a world champion called Josh Waitzkin on the Tim Ferris podcast said what was at the foundation of his ‘Art of Learning training – Elite mental performers in business and finance. Well I was knocked off my metaphorical feet as I’ve been doing it and teaching the very same thing for years.

Come with me and find out what it is and how we can use it in so many different contexts. Yes I know I’m being artfully vague but that’s to get your curiosity juiced so you learn even more. :O)

Shine brightly


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