FMQ 267 Are you pointing in the right direction

Are you pointing in the right direction

A 5 minute podcast that lasts a little longer :O)

By striving to get to where we want to be as fast as we can often leads to bad technique, cheating and in the end not being as good as you aimed for. We see this in the gym with some people lifting too heavy weights and applying the wrong technique to lift them and in effect cheating with result of lack of gains – now we call see that and know that’s silly yet if you’re like me we can put our hands up to doing that too.

Then something came to me, as it does, watching a yoga video and the advice was not to over stretch or over reach but to point in the right direction. In effect show where you want to go with a knowingness that you will get there.

Now take that to our goals and dreams and show our unconscious mind the direction we are going with just the right amount of stretch or reach ………… Hmmmmmmm.

You will have to listen to get all of this and you will get it.

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