FMQ 270 Time for a treat and success

Time for a treat and success

What would happen if instead of waiting to complete something your doing before you congratulate yourself and treat yourself for the achievement you you did in in the middle as well? Counter intuitive? maybe but it works and it works for everyone in any context.

That’s a BIG statement Cloughie

Not really cos it does. Don’t just trust me ‘The Artists way’ confirms this too as well as many more example.

In my life it all started hearing about dolphins, I’ve mentioned this before but stay with me if you listened to that episode (and if you haven’t then maybe you should and success will be your starting point) because adding this as a ritual to you goals/projects, everything is a goal/project by the way (think about it) :O)

So come with me down this little part of our warren and put this to the test. When you have let me know how good the results were and will continue to be. Here’s the email address

This is one of the most enjoyable processes you will do!!!!

Shine brightly


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