achieving your dreams

#329 Oh Dear! What Have You Done?

The thing is we have done so many things in our lives that to consciously remember them all would I guess be overwhelming and I believe our unconscious mind has a recording of them all.

Let’s see how much we, together, can remember the things we have done and learned. What wonderful things have you been able to achieve? Relationships made and may be lost, or things created, mended, given, and received.

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FMQ 375 What’s next for you, for me

I want you to think about your goals in life if you have any, I know you do and I know you have more than you think you do.

I’ll want to remind you of goals you have set in the past, whether you achieved them or not.

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#277 The Key to Getting Whatever You Want

So come with me on this, I promise you will learn something that will make you understand what’s behind the success of everything you set your mind to or dream of or set as a goal.

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FMQ 348 Climb every mountain because…

When you do you will achieve what is uniquely you

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#234 Finding Your Super Power

You might think I’m ‘Bigging’ this up and I am but not for me but to see you take great leaps in your personal development.

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FMQ 257 I’m too OLD too YOUNG

Come with me and listen to my personal experiences and those of my youngest son, Joseph, in which we nearly fell into this trap. Once you do follow me down this rabbit hole you will never believe your age has anything to do with accomplishing anything.

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