low self-esteem

#320 How Do You Know You Are UnConfident And Change It

I measure my unconfidence with the way I feel, and how I think inside as things are happening. I’ll share my experience when I got to know it – I even forgot my own name because of it! From there it’s so easy to project that into the future and make it scary before it even happens, I think we can all remember that happening.

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#315 The Cause of Anxiety – Fire – Ready – Aim

And I share with you in this episode how I messed up and how I didn’t and how you can do the latter so much more often until it becomes a success habit.

And when you do anxiety and fear begin to disappear and self-confidence and self-esteem come to the fore. Whatsmore it’s simple, and in simplicity there is genius, we know that. The only thing is knowing this stuff is not enough, knowing without putting that knowledge into action isn’t worth s**t. Knowing what to do and doing what you know that’s where we find gold my friend.

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#299 If You Don’t Do This You’re Selfish

In fact, spending time and money working on yourself to the real you is in fact the MOST UNSELFISH thing you can do!

“How do you come to that conclusion Cloughie?” I hear you shout.

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#285 Where Does My Anxiety Come From?

I will share with you examples of how your anxiety has snowballed in its intensity and generalized into other areas of your life and by using this natural phenomenon we can generalize the good feelings once it’s gone.

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FMQ 360 How Many Footprints

A quick story, a metaphor that always makes me think

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#274 You Decided to Suffer Anxiety, Guilt etc.

Please take some time out so both your conscious and unconscious minds can learn to decide a better way to be and feel – the way you want to be and feel.

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#266 Understand the Fear and Do It Anyway

Understand the fear and do it anyway When you learn it disappears In some way, this episode is inspired by Susan Jeffers great book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, I bought my copy a few years ago and unconsciously I believe it’s helped me do things I never thought I’d do. The more…

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#252 Who’s listening To You?

This is a whopper of an episode in the amount of not only golden nuggets but silver and bronze ones tooo!

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