#200 Accepting 2nd Best

Accepting 2nd Best

Would you? Do You?

If you wouldn’t accept 2nd best why do you? What?

Where do we, you and I, accept 2nd best, It’ll be ok it’s good enough or it’s just about good enough – It’ll do? From ourselves maybe.

We don’t like accepting 2nd best from others, do we?

This is a bit of a forerunner to episodes to follow. They are going to include going into serious subjects such as loneliness, depression, OCD suicide, and trauma to name but a few and I want to ensure when we do we hit them being our best because when we do we’ll get so much more for ourselves and others who need that help.

Even without this being a forerunner this subject is so relevant to everything we do and I do mean everything! So even if you only pick up one golden nugget from this it will make your life immeasurably better.

Please enjoy and have a paper and pencil available if you can as I go into how to deal with what happens if the how to’s don’t work – I don’t know of many that go through this part and I’ve been thinking about that and felt that has to be addressed.

Come on! Press play and come with me and continue this striving to be the best current version of ourselves.

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You will never know how far the ripples of change will go when you do that.

Shine brightly


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