FMQ 171 Curiously interesting – in others and YOU

Curiously interesting – in others and YOU

another 5 minute quickie podcast

Let me share a couple or so more questions that just assist you in staying calm when being put under pressure.

We’ve all been asked difficult questions even direct questions asked to put you off or offend. Well these will help and when asked with a curiosity, alignment and  congruence they will take the asker inside to find a real answer of them and why they asked that question. Seems confusing and it is for me writing about this. In fact the questions are so simple and so much easier to listen to in this podcast.

I started out in one direction and during the recording I had a mini ‘Ahha’ moment and took this in a direction that, well have a listen and find out. As usual it could change the way you act and re-act – in a good way – forever!  ;0)

Shine brightly

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