FMQ 173 The what’s in the detail

The what’s in the detail – a five minute podcast

Let’s get rid of overwhelm

Overwhelm of all those details and also overwhelm of the BIG picture

We’ve all heard to saying ‘the devil’s in the detail’ but is it or is it an angel in disguise?

Let me share a recent bout of overwhelm and how by mixing the big picture and the details together made a massive difference and divert a would be disaster.

I’ve found an app ‘workflowy’ that does help in both too. I’ll also share a couple of questions used with ‘Jenny’ journal that I found really useful to ensure we see things clearly, stop the old self-sabotage and begin and end with motivation and a way to hold on to that feeling all the way through.

It really doesn’t matter if your goal is massive or a smaller more immediate one the same process applies and gets you the success you deserve    :0)

Shine brightly

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