#100 What you’ve learnt is out of date – Really!

What you’ve learnt is out of date – Really!

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Just because you learnt something a little while ago or even a long time ago is it out of date? I’ve heard by a couple of people of late and people I think that should know better – say that it is.

Evolution of the human brain has taken a little while not just over the last few years. Hmmmmm. Yep I think they should know better. This is not to say we shouldn’t strive to improve what we know but don’t throw away what you already know that work.

Let me share with you a recent client of mines’ experience using simple ‘stuff’ I have explained here in previous episodes and teach in the first  couple of days in our trainings. Guess what? – They worked!

So it’s good to do an inventory of the things you have learnt and notice can we improve it and re-remember the process so you get to use it both consciously and unconsciously and when you get those great results CELEBRATE!!

Shine brightly

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