FMQ 278 Seeing Clearly

Seeing clearly

A 5 minute Quickie Podcast

Have you ever seen the man who spins those plates on sticks and in the chaos keeps running back and forwards keeping them spinning and then as he takes a bow they all seem to get in sync with each other?

As I have been reading a great book by a great author Dr. Wayne Dyer ‘Change your thoughts change your life’  he quotes from the Tao “Muddy water will always come clear” and it got me thinking about the spinning plates, a child’s toy and it how things slow down to become clear


If we just stop and keep being stopped we may just stagnate


What if we pause and let things become clear and then ………………………………..

We need to do something and before we do something we need to do this……. well you’ll just have to listen and find out :O) and there’s a lot here to find out.

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Shine brightly


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