FMQ 281 They’ll never get you down after this


They’ll never get you down after this

Anchoring in a different way

I love when a tried and tested process can be developed, expanded  and still keep it’s simplicity and yet be equally as powerful as the original intention.

What am I talking about? Well I have a pet peeve, that I’ll rant over in another episode, where so many people in the hypnosis and NLP world simply decide follow by route, without thought, what and why they do what they do and don’t get curious to what can be done with a little tweaking and get really great results.

So here I’m taking you through a way to have the state that you want in place of the state that don’t.

For example when that certain person looks at you (a boss, team leader,a colleague or in fact anyone or situation) and you go to pieces inside. That’s got to be something worth learning isn’t it? AND make it a new habit to have that old trigger set off the way you want to be and feel YAY!!!!  :O)

Yep, It’s a longer five minute quickie podcast but that’s okay because I want you to succeed so please pay this forward by sharing this episode to everyone you meet or know.

As always let me know ow you do with this little concoction by emailing me

Shine brightly


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