#317 When Baggage Unpacks Itself


When Baggage Unpacks Itself

The Ah-Ha Moment

Following on from the previous episode I now contradict myself – Well not really it’s just that I gave this subject a little more thought of my experiences with clients when things, issues, ‘stuff’ just unpacks itself before our eyes, and the answer, as usual, has been hiding in plain sight.

And it normally happens when we are sure, really sure, we know what caused the issue and that conviction hides the real reason and positive intention behind the issue.

My metaphor for this is that we have all the jigsaw pieces on the floor but they are face down and someone has taken away the box top with the picture. Then as we explore the issue turn over one piece which rarely makes sense, then another which never seems to fit the first piece. but we go on and explore a little more and turn over a third piece. none of them fit but we see the connection and AH-Ha!!! There it is, and it was hiding in plain sight and it becomes so obvious and in the therapy room, the right process comes to mind, and BOOM!!!!! we’re done.

I’ll take you through this but remember this is for small ‘stuff’ (I’m a therapist but not your therapist – Have to say that). If you’re not sure put it in the BIG STUFF category and find a great therapist, one that will help in 2-3 sessions.

Either way, have a listen and you will either understand and let the small stuff go or it will prepare you for that 121 work. Just understanding the positive intention and asking your unconscious mind, your best friend, to find a better way can be the difference that makes the difference. All you have to do is set your conscious intention to do whatever it takes.  :O)

I really hope this episode makes perfect sense, if it doesn’t let me know using the contact button up there somewhere.

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I’m a therapist but not your therapist

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