#357 Woman Up Man Up

I believe wherever you are in experiencing negative emotions, from it just started the other day to I’ve had this all my life, we can find a way to let them go and in a comfortable way. You don’t have to go through loads of pain, all you have to have is the will to do whatever it takes and you have that in abundance.

That’s why I say

It’s never too late

and it’s never too early

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#355 Emotional Pain – Hogwash

Emotional pain doesn’t exist – Whoa Cloughie! I hear you think -WHAT!!!!! But I feel the pain of grief, anxiety, fear, and well you fill in the blank.

You have to come with me on this to explore the what and the why I’m saying this because once you get it you get to control it, learn from it, and that not emotional pain disappears.

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#337 Anxiety From A Different Perspective

I really love the simplicity of what I share with you in this episode and I give you the whole process here, right here in the episode – clickbait begone     ‘ O)

So come with me in this delightful rabbit hole of changing the way we feel for the better and then make it a habit.

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FMQ 383 Never Regret NOT Doing Anything Again

What do you regret not doing?

What do you regret not carrying on and getting better at?

What did you swerve from, even hide away from even though you wanted to do them inside

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#320 How Do You Know You Are UnConfident And Change It

I measure my unconfidence with the way I feel, and how I think inside as things are happening. I’ll share my experience when I got to know it – I even forgot my own name because of it! From there it’s so easy to project that into the future and make it scary before it even happens, I think we can all remember that happening.

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#318 Releasing Anxiety In The Moment with our Guest Tomasz Drybala

Tom shares his thoughts on letting good anxiety and fear in a simple and really effective way. Although our approaches or terminology may seem a little different the core principles show to be the same – just a different perspective.

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#317 When Baggage Unpacks Itself

Either way, have a listen and you will either understand and let the small stuff go or it will prepare you for that 121 work. Just understanding the positive intention and asking your unconscious mind, your best friend, to find a better way can be the difference that makes the difference. All you have to do is set your conscious intention to do whatever it takes.  :O)

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#316 Unpacking Baggage – But Do We Need To?

One of them is why do you need to unpack ‘stuff’ that you know wasn’t nice? You might only get to feel that way again so why would you?
Yep! I know some therapists do regression ‘stuff’ but I personally don’t get it when I think there are better and more comfortable ways to get the results you want.

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#315 The Cause of Anxiety – Fire – Ready – Aim

And I share with you in this episode how I messed up and how I didn’t and how you can do the latter so much more often until it becomes a success habit.

And when you do anxiety and fear begin to disappear and self-confidence and self-esteem come to the fore. Whatsmore it’s simple, and in simplicity there is genius, we know that. The only thing is knowing this stuff is not enough, knowing without putting that knowledge into action isn’t worth s**t. Knowing what to do and doing what you know that’s where we find gold my friend.

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FMQ 378 Numbingly Comfortable – Are You?

In the space in between, there is no action, we may stagnate and are numb -numbingly comfortable and it can creep up on us, and before you know it dreams disappear. WHAT A WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s muse together and have a chat about this predicament

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