#192 This is ruining my life Pt1

“I mustn’t GET THIS WRONG”

#183 It’s Your Choice

So whether you have the behavior of anxiety, loneliness, depression, fear, phobia, PTSD, OCD, and the list goes on (you fill in the blank) this will help

Have You Experienced a Dripping Tap?

I know this all seems obscure, maybe silly but there really is a serious message from old Cloughie here/hear

FMQ 293 Fear/Anxiety – How’s that working for you?

It’s a simple question if you’re fearful or anxious

MaD WoRld – Dealing with Anxiety_2

sharing this so important process. It’s simple and in it’s simplicity, there is genius.

Another (MaD WorLd) Process to let go of Anxiety

Another (MaD WorLd) Process to let go of Anxiety

There a number of ways to deal with and let go of anxiety. Coincidently this was in my mind just before listening to Tara Bach’s podcast explaining the Buddhist process of Rain and the processes are very similar.

My version is a bit hypnotic, as you might expect, so make sure you’re not doing anything that needs your eyes open.

Plus I give a big shout out to my Clough family who are doing their bit to help in this MaD WoRld we find ourselves in at the moment.

Luke is posting Facebook live videos at Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Melissa has a great yoga video on Facebook, search for Melissa Clough

And Joseph has reduced his hypnosis apps to cost, search Joseph Clough Hypnosis in your app store

Enjoy this process as well as all of the above and keep well and safe

Shine brightly

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Hypnosis – Let’s deal with Worry in a Mad World

Let’s upgrade that old reptilian part of our brain that protects from saber tooth tigers and use all our resources, experiences and learn to be safe without worry.

#145 Imposter Syndrome – part 1

If you, like me, have experienced being exposed or being found out or these people are so much better than I and I shouldn’t be here – then welcome to the real world of imagination and positive intention. What!!!??

#135 Getting help (mental health)

I wanted to share my thoughts, advice and personal experiences which will, I believe, allay those fears and give you (if you’re suffering) or someone you know who is suffering the encouragement to deal with it and how easy and comfortably you can resolve these issues. When I say issues I mean all issues from addictions, depression, fears, anxiety, social phobia, OCD –  Oh you go fill in the blank  🙂