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FMQ 302 One Affirmation That Works

Have a good listen and use it and see, hear, and feel how good it works.

#195 Wakey! Wakey! – It’s Time To Wake Up


Simply press the play button and come with me :O)

FMQ 301 No One Listens

being listened to and being heard

#194 Don’t Die With This Unplayed Inside You

You have to press play and never pause

#193 It’s Ruining My Life – Part 2

With an accompanying hypnosis track

FMQ 301 How To Exceed in Being Your Best

When you take on this mindset you will exceed your expectations

#192 This is ruining my life Pt1

“I mustn’t GET THIS WRONG”

#191 Intuition doesn’t work

Have I been wrong all these years?