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FMQ 271 To stay or leave STOP first

Seems simple doesn’t it? And it is, so come with me on this little adventure into making a difference.

#147 Controlling your memories

The question is can you? Control a memory that is.
The answer is a resounding yes but we very rarely do.

FMQ 271 Letting go to find treasure

Letting go to find treasure

Alright me little pirates X marks the spot – No not that type of treasure – but I guess you guessed that :O)

So there’s a man with these two very heavy suitcases – What’s that got to do with finding treasure?

Then I was reminded of a story I heard from a great hypnotherapist Micheal Yapko (great surname) and introduce to a quotation from Joseph Campbell’s A Hero’s Journey by a guy I’ve mentioned before, Jerry Caronna,

The treasure you seek is in the back of the cave

And what happened next was this episode of the Personal Development Unplugged podcast because I didn’t stop there _ I got to thinking and speaking of something special, or more to the point someone special.

To find out what all this is about you’re ‘ gonna’ have to follow me some more and if you do I think you’ll find your treasure.

If you are willing to share the treasure you found or anything else that you gleamed from this episode please email me. Hell! just email me any way and let me know what you would like to dive deeper together in Right Here

Shine brightly


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FMQ 270 Time for a treat and success

So come with me down this little part of our warren and put this to the test. When you have let me know how good the results were and will continue to be

#146 Imposter syndrome part 2

Yay!! It looks like I was right after all  – it’s just a set of behaviors, beliefs or thoughts and all of which can be changed in a jiffy!

#145 Imposter Syndrome – part 1

If you, like me, have experienced being exposed or being found out or these people are so much better than I and I shouldn’t be here – then welcome to the real world of imagination and positive intention. What!!!??

FMQ 269 Being this will make you rich

You will just have to listen to find out more

FMQ 268 Knowledge is only a rumour

This five minute podcast inspired by the brilliant Mark Devine in his podcast The unbeatable mind when interviewing Richard Strozzi-Heckler and the magical words were uttered:

#144 Questions that will change your life

If you really want personal development, to improve yourself, then your success is all about the questions you ask yourself and then your willingness and honesty to listen for the answer.

FMQ 267 Are you pointing in the right direction

In effect show where you want to go with a knowingness that you will get there.