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FMQ 206 and a half – Another question

This small podcast came from a podcast I recorded but was unable to publish. Something just didn’t seem right

FMQ 206 Ritual or Special Moment

And I didn’t write anything really awesome I just seemed to get this was a time to be WITH myself and I was learning something a little special. I didn’t really understand but I think I did. Have a listen to find out more.

When you do I am going to ask you a question

#118 A deep dive into reclaiming our goals

There’s so much more in this episode that hopefully will get you thinking and re-kindling, re-igniting, re-empower and motivate you to the success you deserve and can expect.

FMQ 205 Is selfless service real?

Come down this rabbit hole and my struggle with Selfless Service – you will won’t you

FMQ 204 I want the old me – sound familiar

Would you let me share a another personal story? My personal story of wanting to find and be the ‘Old Paul’ again. I think it will resonate with you and maybe you will see the similarities.

#117 Let’s park our goals

This started as a 20 minute podcast and has ended up around 40 minutes, I got so involved, and hopefully have given something you can take away and ensure your dreams/goals or outcomes come to fruition bigger and better and sooner than you can imagine – OH HapPy DaZe!!!!!!

FMQ 203 It doesn’t have to be this way

Sometimes things happen to make us feel down or negative – S**t happens. and it’s lonely

FMQ 202 The BS of vulnerability – podcast

Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed”
“Someone who is weak and without protection”

#116 Can I ask you a question?

Everything seems to start with a question – Especially the questions that make things worse when trying to make things better. Confused??

FMQ 201 Sleep with me and hypnosis

Sleep is so important so we can enjoy being awake.
And we’ve, well I know I have, have experienced not being able to sleep or waking up wide awake and it’s still night time.