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# 249 Q and A of a sort

The Answer is only as good as the Question

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FMQ 341 Do It Over Theory

Mastery- Doing what you know AND Knowing what you do.

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#246 Reset and Refresh – Right Now!

Trust me, with your mind, and learn this awesome pattern interruption to feeling Anxiety, Fear, FOMO, Imposter syndrome, and a whole lot more.

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FMQ 340 Enticed Away From The Noise

Enticed away from the noise and I’ll tell you how you can do it to Just a quickie my friend to share with you an experience I had while standing on the cliff tops looking out over the sea. Just gazing out there I was given a lovely metaphor that I take with me whenever…

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#245 The BS of Vulnerability

Overused? Overrated?

I want to share what others don’t tell you about vulnerability.

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#244 A Meaningless Podcast

And before you even think – this is not a rant or a down and dreary episode, far from it.

What’s the meaning of life?

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