FMQ 189 Combining Hypnosis and Meditation – Do you want to?

If you only meditated 5 minutes a day, your own personal five minute quickie, I believe your life would change dramatically. I think I could even put a ‘Cloughie’ guarantee on this.


Because I think with a little bit of the right hypnosis we can improve our meditations the ‘Cloughie’ guarantee is a homey

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FMQ 188 The secret of balancing negativity – podcast

Let’s use seeing the worst – Really Paul????? Yep and balancing this with seeing the best

This started with hearing the term ‘Negative visualisation’ and with negative being in the title gave me a little concern

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FMQ 187 The secret of the uncomfortable comfort zone

Oh it’s that word ‘secret’ because this is not a secret but it’s hiding in plain sight. What are you talking about Cloughie? Well I’ll tell you,

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FMQ 186 Marcus Aurelius – Russell Crowe – my client

A five minute quickie podcast of how Marcus Aurelius and one of my clients have come together to give me something to think about. I thought it would be good to share what transpired in my thoughts on how we can use this.

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FMQ 185 The secret of perfect practice – NOT!

And then I heard a throw away line ‘practice when it doesn’t matter’ – WOW! that makes so much sense and most of us don’t do it that I way. When you do practice when it doesn’t matter you get to use up all those mistakes and it doesn’t matter.

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FMQ 184 Warning – Things will never be the same

If things will never be the same again it’s time to take responsibility for how things will be or are. Why do you have to take responsibility?

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FMQ 183 The secret to making today better than today

What!!!!!! Another secret exposed!!!

In the last FMQ podcast I shared how to make tomorrow better than today and now we’re going to learn how to make today better than today. It will all make sense – trust me :O)

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FMQ 182 The secret to making tomorrow better than today

Oh how I love to expose those pesky secrets! Why would you want to learn how to make tomorrow better than today and then the next tomorrow better than that? I guess the real answer is why wouldn’t you?


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FMQ 181 Empathy no way – well maybe this way

I have always said I don’t do empathy, I didn’t think I did empathy with my clients.
I love compassion and then I had a thought could I do both in a way that works and makes me feel light? and the answer was YES

listen for a spell and I’ll explain.

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FMQ 180 Dooo beee Doooo

So I wanted to give you a way, not the only way, of acting As If but not ‘acting’ – being you AS IF because that would be faking.

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