FMQ 266 The possibility of all things

The possibility of all things

Everything is possible when you free yourself

This podcast is and was inspired by the late Wayne Dyer from his book ‘You will see it when you believe it‘ – What an awesome and true title. And in  that book this sentence really resonated within me

Place in your imagination the possibility of all things

When you do this anything and everything is possible. This is proved by my hero Walt Disney, he had to have done this to create so much that infected so many minds and experiences. Then there’s our hero here Albert Einstein had to have this when he went out in his mind to solve the problems he intended to find solutions to.

What would happen or what’s the worst that could happen if you set aside 5 minutes a day to imagine what you want with this, Place in your imagination the possibility of all things in the forefront of your mind. To allow your self to dream anything and everything you desire with total freedom – What will you see when all things are possible, what will you hear when all things are possible and how will you feel when all things are possible?

Come with me and take up my challenge, my challenge to you to imagineer  :O) and if you do let me know all the wonderful results you have achieved here by email

Shine brightly


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