FMQ 268 Knowledge is only a rumour

Knowledge is only a rumour

This five minute podcast inspired by the brilliant Mark Devine in his podcast The unbeatable mind when interviewing Richard Strozzi-Heckler and the magical words were uttered:

Knowledge is only a rumour until it’s in the muscle

This blew me away because it both resonated and reminded me of the way we, two of my three sons and I, teach NLP and Hypnosis. To get what we teach in the muscle and when you do you get to master your skills. Our definition, not sure where it came from, of mastery is:

Do what you know and do what you know

Hearing this interview reinforced that what I am doing is pointing both you and I in the right direction = pointing towards the pose ( a not too previous FMQ) and that my feeling of imposter syndrome (a 2 part longer podcast to come soon) continues to disappear.

I hope this too inspires you to do what you know and know what you do so your knowledge grows along with your success because it just keeps getting in the muscle. Let’s create those dreams with both confidence and competence  :O)

Shine brightly


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