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#332 Creating A Quiet Place In Your Mind

Inspired by a hypnotherapist whose name I forget, together with my real Quiet place. I promise you if you apply your true intention to create a special safe place in your mind this process will not let you down.

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#330.1 Here Is the Hypnosis Process from #330 Creating A New Positive Mind Set

Just uploaded to the downloadable section of my FREE HYPNOSIS section at Paulcloughonlie.com

Please enjoy with my best wishes and create the future you deserve


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#330 Creating A New Positive Mind Set

Before we start I want to tell you there is a process within this episode and if you choose to follow it please ensure nothing needs your attention (see the note below)

Having got that out of the way, how would you like to have a more positive outlook, inner confidence or a sense of comfort when tackling the ‘STUFF’ we have to do in life and more specifically achieve success in the things you want to have happen in your life, whether that be career, relationships or even this personal development thang?

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#329 Oh Dear! What Have You Done?

The thing is we have done so many things in our lives that to consciously remember them all would I guess be overwhelming and I believe our unconscious mind has a recording of them all.

Let’s see how much we, together, can remember the things we have done and learned. What wonderful things have you been able to achieve? Relationships made and may be lost, or things created, mended, given, and received.

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#328 3 Easy Steps To Stop Others Bringing You Down

So come with me and let me share my thoughts and more importantly the ‘HOW TO’S’ (the bits others forget to share because they either don’t know or want to keep you baited.

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#327 Its Too Hard -I Can’t Do It

This personal development lark is simple yet it takes perseverance, persistence, determination, and consistency, and to get where we want to be it takes us out of our comfort zone, I call it familiar zone, which can be uncomfortable and as I say a grind. But the PRIZE is immeasurable.

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#326 You Make Me Angry, Sad, Guilty – You Fill In The Blank

And that truth is NO ONE, you heard it, read it right, no one can make you feel anything! There’s only one person and that person is you and you are deciding to choose the way you feel at any given moment. That’s a bummer! Or is it?

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#325 Do You Want To Find Out What You’re Really Good At

When you understand or have these behaviors brought to our attention you can begin to see how and where your true passions may lay – Such a beautiful thang!

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#324 Lets Change a Behavior Easily

Changing a behavior is hard IF you try to do it consciously or cognitively and very rarely works or stays changed. I will go through ways that would make changing a behavior consciously, and cognitively, a little easier. But still, it takes a lot of effort as with anything consciously or cognitively.

Now as you know Hypnosis and NLP work with the unconscious mind where all behaviors reside so I think this is the place to start – it’s a no-brainer for me!

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#323 The Mantra Of Regret

There’s so much more in this episode that will lead to the end of regret and to creating success, joy, passion, and you fill in the blank. It’s so much more simple than you think so come with me and let’s get this into action. Because listening alone is ok (not) but listening, learning and taking action on what you have learned is life mastery.

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