Longer Pods

#194 Don’t Die With This Unplayed Inside You

You have to press play and never pause

#193 It’s Ruining My Life – Part 2

With an accompanying hypnosis track

#192 This is ruining my life Pt1

“I mustn’t GET THIS WRONG”

#191 Intuition doesn’t work

Have I been wrong all these years?

#190 Write that suckka down

And never say “I Wisha” again

#189 Getting Results

Getting results – AWESOME results!

#188 This Is New – Really

This is new, it’s complicated and never told before – NOT!

#187 No More Excuses if You want To Feel Different

Come with me down this rabbit hole and discover how to change this and feel differently about the very same things and you will change other areas of your life too! For real :O)

#186 Finding a better way to success

We can always make things a little better. At the core though, I’m thinking, the principles are similar but what are those principles?

#185 A Stretch – Uncomfortable But Not Painful

When you know this and the simple (In simplicity there is genius AE) process I’ll share with you you will be amazed, grow in confidence and success YAY! :O)