Longer Pods

#253 So why the F**k Bother?

There’s so much in this episode, so much more than Anxiety to Confidence

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#252 Who’s listening To You?

This is a whopper of an episode in the amount of not only golden nuggets but silver and bronze ones tooo!

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#250 3 Steps To End Procrastination

And before you say or think “is this clickbait?” How very dare you!

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# 249 Q and A of a sort

The Answer is only as good as the Question

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#246 Reset and Refresh – Right Now!

Trust me, with your mind, and learn this awesome pattern interruption to feeling Anxiety, Fear, FOMO, Imposter syndrome, and a whole lot more.

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#245 The BS of Vulnerability

Overused? Overrated?

I want to share what others don’t tell you about vulnerability.

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