Longer Pods

#174 The BIG BUT

Enjoy becoming aligned and congruent with who you are and where you’re going

# 173 A Sense of Purpose Hypnotically

Well, that was my thinking this morning after my morning journaling.

#172 I Wasn’t Sure – It’s Personal – It’s About Loneliness

You can’t be immune to loneliness, there is no vaccine but there is a cure.

#171 My Bit On The Side – A slightly longer podcast

In this third of my holy trinity (TLT), this is my third love and has helped with some amazing change work.

#170 I have a secret lover – a longer podcast

Yup, I’m having and it’s been going on for over 19 years

#169 Why I Love Hypnosis So Much

yet I don’t really know what it is

#168 Why Do I Feel Held Back and Under-achieving

This is a personal sharing of being held back and underachieving and maybe it will resonate with you too – in fact I know it will.

#167 It’s Got To Be Perfect

I wonder how far you would go, what you do and achieve when you know nothing has to be perfect because with the right intention it is.

#166 Move – You That Is

Let’s dive into what stops us, me and then how we can make this a reality and reach our dreams.

#165 A swear word that will change your life for the better

I recorded this episode some time ago last year and wasn’t sure if I was brave enough to share it with you.