FMQ 205 Is selfless service real?

Is selfless service real?

Is this something you can really do with no expectation of return? I wonder?

Come down this rabbit hole and my struggle with Selfless Service – you will won’t you

So what is it supposed to be?

A service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it


This got me thinking of a couple of stories I’ll share with you

Is it really wrong if you give selfless service because it feels really good to do it?

When we give selfless service in business, going the extra mile, giving more than contracted because you can has the effect of gaining more business.

I know that when you use selfless service in networking, which I think is the best way, which is to connect others with others with no expectation of a return or reward. Yet doing it this way actually repays more than you can imagine.

So how can we give selfless service without expectation knowing that you will be rewarded because that’s a natural law – the Law of Reciprocation.

Then there’s sharing to the integrated field of learning

Hey! this is a good dilemma to have, I think.

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Shine brightly


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