FMQ 231 The dangers of self talk

The dangers of self talk

I’m so Stupid

I’m so dumb

What an Idiot

He’s a dope

Have you ever said the above or something similar to yourself? It didn’t have to be out load, some times that inner voice, even if it’s not heard by others the effect is still the same. I wonder how many time with talk to ourselves like this in a single day? For me, I imagine, it’s far to many for comfort.

There’s a presupposition (useful assumption) in NLP that goes like this – People are not their behaviours and people include me and you.

Let’s have a dive into the effect of this type of self talk because even just thinking this way will be read and understood by others – I’ll explain more if you have a few minutes to listen. We’ll even explore how to change thins too!

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